Furnace - No firebird?

I recently got Furnace, but only have 4 items in my firebird set. Can Furnace work without the firebird set bonus?

If so would you guys recommend a standard Hydra build?

And what should I use gear wise while farming for the last firebird set? Stack fire damage?

Furnace works with everything =)) Look at Wiz & WD leader board to have a view of how strong Furnace is.

Seriously though, try to get the last piece. FB set is one of the more common drop for a Wizard. Kadala sells those items a lot as well.

FB is simply the best option for Fire Wiz atm. It gives extra damage, it gives more kiting time (without hurting your dps), it (combined with Unstable Anomaly) helps you to cheat death time after time. You couldn't really expect more from a set.

Meanwhile, your current build is fine. Stick with it till you complete FB.

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