360:Encountered issues online but offline was perfect.

Technical Support
I bought D3 ROS about a week ago on Xbox 360 [physical copy]. When I connected to Xbox Live I encountered issues in my solo Campaign mode. At times it was laggy, it would freeze and skip midway through cutscenes. I was very disheartened.

I then decided to play it offline [no internet connection] and it played as smooth as silk.
I have just completed all 5 acts with my demon hunter on normal difficulty. I can't wait to get stuck in to the harder difficulties and play the adventure mode. I bought it specifically for solo mode. The multiplayer is not important to me.

The game is massive. The story is brilliant and I love chatting with all the weird and wonderful people in Sanctuary.
I'm a level 45 now, I will be playing this game for ages. Thank you Blizzard for a brilliant game. Really loving this game. Many kudos to you.

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