High Latency - 03-04/09

Technical Support
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Updated Info Request here:

We are currently looking into and investigating reports of high latency affecting players on the EU Diablo III region.

Please note this only refers to issues that started in the afternoon/evening of September the 3rd.

We will update here with more information as we get it, and if we require information in order to investigate we will post again here.

Thank you.
Let me know how I'm doing!
After days you at last accepted that those disconnects and lag problems can't be a userproblem. Thanks!
03/09/2014 17:54Posted by Exportforce
After days you at last accepted that those disconnects and lag problems can't be a userproblem. Thanks!

Problem started less than an hour ago for me. Just because it wasn't a problem with your personal network doesn't mean it was an issue on Blizzard's end.
It was by far not my own problem.
Look at all disconnect and lag threads. Thats like around one week. Today was just extremly hard.
Thanks for taking this problem a little bit more serious. Hope we get a reboot/fix for whatever is causing these issues soon.
After days you at last accepted that those disconnects and lag problems can't be a userproblem. Thanks!

Dont know, it was fine for me until today ~12:00 cest.

On the Cesspools issue:
It is a fps or similar lag and everybody i have talked about it has confired the same. Is kind of spikey, fps goes up(when the surroundings are clean) and down(when we meet mobs) and its remaining the same for the entire map.
Yep, unplayable right now... latency never drops under 500, usually even higher than that. Other games work normally, so it's not my connection that's causing it.
03/09/2014 18:06Posted by Exportforce
It was by far not my own problem.

I didn't say it was.
is there some info we can provide from our side to Blizzard to better understand this issue?
Game is not playable at the moment the lag spikes not only kic me out of the games but makes it impossible to even join them giving me a verity of error codes from maxium channel joined to unable to join this players game..

i have tested my connection on world of warcraft and it is flawless soloed malygos real quck no issues there at all.
Maybe just me but the latency only seems to spike up (500-2000) when I go into adventure mode.

Just played about 30minutes on Campaign with a steady 50-100ms but as soon as I switch to adventure instantly goes up.

Could just be a coincidence but worth a try for others. Could narrow down problem(Playing season btw)
I have very high latency at the moment. 300 to 700 ms. Everything else works fine.
@Criiz i tried to do that but it was still giving me around 2000-2800 ms also i called my provider but they don't have a problem
same here, 500-1500
its unplayable atm :(
fix this
Pls fix it asap cant play atm getting 1000-1500 MS constant
a friend of mine told me lag only occurs in certain games, so he told me to remake the game until i get a non-laggy one.

its a dumb way to fix it, but it worked for me :x
I can confirm 43 ms in story mode, but 500 to 1500 ms in adventure mode.
Seems like only some of the blizz servers are corrupted :o Good to know!
I don't know if this is of importance, but I'm creating games over and over, and only some of them have this really high latency (3000ms). Some games are fine.
These are all adventure mode games.

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