Back to Wizard after 2.1 - what build with my gear?

I was not playing my wizard for a long time. I see that Firebirds set got buffed.

What would be a suitable build with my current build? I also have Thunderfury (2400+ with a socket), WoWoh (average) and Serpent's Sparker.

I was fooling around with different builds @T3 and can't really decide. Hydra build was the worse.

Right now I have 3 sets fully active. Tal Rash's, Firebirds and Aughilds. Anything to drop? Reroll?

cheers :)
Firebird's with serpent sparker and hydra/apoc/black hole is the way to go.
drop aughild and tal rasha from your gear, focus on firebird and increased fire damage. there are better legendaries, don't use to many set items I would say

That is if you want to go a hydra/appocalypse build
If you are vowed to fire also have a go with the fire variants of Torrent and Disintegrate. Many spells changed, see what you like.
How about now with hydra/apoc?
You're set to go :)

You may in time find Furnace (two hand and especially that one is better now, especially for this build) which will force you to change boots to firebird but the damage is worth it even if you loose one hydra. At least in greater rifts you will se the big difference (Your firebird DoT will be higher)

Other than that good luck with finding new amulet with socket instead of all res ;)
Thanks, the gameplay is now indeed pleasant.

What about gems? Lightning gem is from my jade doc, where it makes sense (close contact with mobs all the time).

And are hydras considered as pets? Does it make any sense to use T&T gloves?
I have it sorted now. It is a matter of getting better drops and slowly improving now.

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