they don't burn until they die.....

yesterday at higher grift I observed that the elites has the infinite dot (red glow), but if I leave them, and com back later the mark disappeared and for sure they were not dead.
anybody observed this?
is there any range or something that if you're out the dot stops ? .....
Hello Indy!

Im not sure about this but i think the "firebird dot" only disappear when the mobs stop following you.
So that means that you need to be sure the mobs still follow you, even if you cant see them.

Some packs are easier to kite while moving forward, but some are very slow and need extra time to kite so you have to figure out how to kite them at the best speed without losing them.
the dot wanes once you get out of aggro-range, simnple as that. has nothing to do with the mob following you, since you can often "trap" the RG behind corners without him moving anymore, then get out of sight (while still staying within the required max distance), type /dance and have a nice warm cup of beer while waiting for the inevitable :)
I was taught that it's roughly two screens away, and playing as if it was that works for me.
this is good to know...

just wondering, I though when you read "until they die" is obvious what is mean, but maybe is not that simple as it looks like.
I can live with that, anyway. Is good to know

but I like the idea: I have to keep distance because of Zei, but not too much :))))))

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