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Hi guys!

I'm sorry to do a cross-link for my ideas, but since the post contain a lot of images and it is very long I hope you don't mind to have a look at an external site :)

Anyway, here's my ideas:


I hope you enjoy them and please if you have any criticism or would just like to add a comment please don't refrain from posting :)
Awesome ideas Edriel!
PvP could be a nice part of D3 if they put some good effort into it.
Hopefully there is still alot of space to improve the game and ideas like these ones will be kept in mind =D
Good job man!
adds another competitive option, more content and some old bosses which i'd like to see how they remake (visualy)
Thanks guys :)
Incredible Ability :)
This is what i want to see soon in this game.
Great work! Hope the devs will have a look at this. +1
Wow, really impressed with all your ideas and the way you presented them.
If only half of those ideas get implemented I would never stop playing this game.
yep, nice ideas
So awesome....

i would spend money for this. ;-)
very very n1
Its a nice idea, however seeing how many months simple balance patch takes them, even if they started to work at this instantly we would need to wait 3 years for this content. On top of that balance and tuning passes would make it very meh, just like with pylons, GR, gems and pretty much every idea.
yup ... like

you Sir, just got my vote

Fantastic idea
I wish it had a more direct contact between players, as in PvP, otherwise, great concept, i hope it can inspire the devs.
Thanks for the support guys! Much appreciated :)

05/10/2014 13:32Posted by Kallizk
I wish it had a more direct contact between players, as in PvP

Well I don't know if they will ever implement PvP (due to imbalance, mostly because of legendary items).
That's why I preferred to suggest more PvEvP-oriented ideas
awesome.would like to see it in next expansion
they really need to add both of them, this is just too good. please, everyone up this! it would be a shame not to use these ideas.


this would be great as well :D
That is amazing. This is what we need!

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