Arcane damage builds the weakest wizard builds?

Whatever skills i use cant get a decent arcana wizard build setup.
It feels like arcane wizards are demons food.
Arcane torrent death blossem a very good skill in narrow places.
Arcane mines only good on 2 handers.
Twister to much damage that misses enemys.
Disintergrate weaker than ray of frost.
Arcane balls mana absorbing.
Oh hi again Romy! Have a look at my arcane wizard Alotta. She's the star of T5.
So serpentis sparker is your baseline weapon.
I got one rolled on loh and hydras do not give loh ( to bad for me).
I see your 2nd dmg dealer is meteor. This crits for 200+-mil i guess.
So t5 is probbably max.

What about depth diggers and mirrorball and seeker missle i know it gives a lot of arcane back on crit hits.

All arcane damage is 8meter damage radius on explotion.
Increase area damage maby?
Close-up enemys skills and johan amulet maby?
Also gold wrap is very good to use for toughness 50000000 + in comination whit the gold gem.
But thats only for a normal rift.
Some crits, without Harrington's:
- Magic Missile: 20M (boosted damage 78% MM, 76% arcane)
- dynamod Hydra: 12M. They're fast and all 3 heads shoot. Both Hydras :)
- dynamod Star Pact: 500M. Big number but Hydra gets dynamo first.

Depth Diggers would be a welcome drop, too bad I never got one. The same for an appropriate Johan's Ess. Temporal Flux and Black Hole also nicely group up monsters.

Area damage does not work with Hydra and Star Pact. And the rate is poor (max 20% chance for 20% damage = 4%).
Depth Diggers don't work for Wizard spells.
They are not resource generators.

Even the ones that generate AP (Surge of Power, Power Affinity, Siphoning Blades) are not considered resource generators.
the legendary zackaresh still visits. it motivates me to play again just by seeing his name here ;)
Arcane is not the worst element.
Just very gear dependend.
If you want a high arcane bonus you have to use the Orpheus.
Taking away many other build options.
And it disallows weapons with Elite Bonus damage.
Moonlight only has 5% more Arcane bonus than any amulet can have.
For fire you can always fit in Magefist or Cindercoat, both have 20% bonus.
(I personally have not found a SoJ with arcane or socket and no useable Andariels)

Arcane Torret is actually not bad.
It just needs a slow two hander.
But as soon as you have firebirds, you can switch to fire, it is just easier.

Magic Misisle Seeker is very fun.
But you desperatly need all 3 slots with MM damage and leveled simplicity strenght.
MM is single target.
Big groups of ranged white mobs get you in trouble.
In my build MM, dynamo, prodigy, Hydra, Black Hole and Star Pact all work together. MM charges up dynamo and arcane power. These pimped Hydras spit out a total of 12 balls per second and with Harrington's these crit for 25M. Excess dynamo and arcane power goes to Star Pact. Big crits are fun, but the punch of my build comes with MM/dynamod Hydras.
I clearly see nobody uses diamond skin acrane shattering and mirror image moking demise.
Are they even used at all?
Arcane orbit sound good if wizards could tank.
Arcane Orbit + low level Moon Ward is a very nice way to speed level. Just "250% dps" doesn't cut it in the end. The same holds for mocking demise and Arcane Shattering. If it doesn't do ~1000% dps it's not a damage spell.
Arcane orbit skill
Moonlight ward amulet
Goldwrap belt
Boon of the horder gem
Arcane torrent death blossom

These skills work great on normal solo rifts.
And also if there is a good enemy puller.

But on g-rifts there is no good g30 arcane build so far.
But i am glad to see all the new ideas in this forum treath.
How do you even play with Death Blossom? Do you drop the difficulty to where a lucky hit one-shots just any mob?
With my current gear and Arcane Torrent focused spec i am able to clear T6 and Greater Rifts around level 26. It´s pretty fun to play.

But for higher Greater Rift levels you probably don´t have much of a choice but fire spec with Firebird-Set.

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