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Greetings all,

I'm happy to say that we will be welcoming a new member into our Most Valuable Poster program today: Deadset

If you have been hanging around these forums for some time, then you will likely have noticed one or more of the helpful posts and guides posted by Deadset #2627, particularly in the Crusader forum—Some of you may also have seen his YouTube channel or twitch stream where he is playing around with different builds and sharing advice. In short, he is known to be a very friendly and helpful player, and as such we have invited him to become an MVP.

We hope to see more MVPs joining Arbeia, D3MON, Deadset, Fean, HolyHermit, and Shammoz on the Diablo III forums in the future, but please join us in congratulating Deadset as the latest green poster in the meantime. :-)
Welcome to the Green team Deadset!

Coffee and tea is in the cupboard, milk & beer in the fridge. Help yourself!

Oh, and FIRST!! :)
The Crusade marches on!

Welcome, Deadset!
Welcome aboard!
Thank you for extending the invitation to take part in the MVP Program! It's a pleasure to join the ranks of the other MVPs, and I will uphold my principle to provide informative content and constructive opinions wherever Sanctuary is discussed - be it here, reddit, youtube or twitch.

Once again - my sincerest gratitude for the invitation, your awesome attitude towards content creators, and (of course!) the great game.

Kind regards,
Welcome Deadset!
Following Deadset for quite some time now, I really like his work, approach and informativeness.

Congratz and keep the good work going on.
Hey Deadset, congratulations and welcome in the green team :)
Congrats:) Love the videos on youtube.
Gratz !!!
GZ Bro
Hopefully they will listen to you at least!
Welcome kind sir!

I won't hug you though. It isn't a good idea to hug a baneling!
Hey Deadset - we the non-silent watchers of the hellish forums salute you and welcome the green hue that has imbued your font!

Thank you for your great input in the community and hope to see much more!
Congratz Deadset ;)
Nice to see you becoming a MVP.

Will catch you on stream.
Congratulations Deadset!!!

I always watch your crusader videos. I learn a lot with them. I really apreciate your work!

I bet you'll be a great MVP.


Kharbarg - US Latin Crusader Forum
was ist das MVP
Gratz, you deserve this. Good work!
Awesome, welcome Deadset!

Stay a while and share your Crusade! (see what I did there?)
Congratulations Deadset, had a feeling it was on the cards! ;)

Great work - especially on the crusader class, your guides are really informative.

welcome to team green! :D

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