4 of the best wizards in EU clear Greater Rift tier 42

09/02/2015 12:52Posted by Bronko
impossible without unity

So why the snarky remark about "easy mode"? How many unities do you think they had in a 4 player group?
09/02/2015 13:04Posted by Zackaresh
So why the snarky remark about "easy mode"? How many unities do you think they had in a 4 player group?

42 is doable without unity using Safe Passage and 22m+ toughness, or SoE, but after this without WH there will be not dmg to clear 44 for example.
08/02/2015 20:36Posted by Nicolai
Come to hardcore, find out why the game is 1000 more exciting to play, feel the rush when you health gets low, and make a balanced character that gives a horrible consequence in case of dying, which makes you NEED to be skilled and handle tough situations, but on other hand, you got the best set bonus in the game with Firebird for a free death, so what's holding you back?

i played HC, died about 6 times due to server side problems, mainly diconnects whenever a friend used ANY skill that caused framerate issues, and this was back in the old days before the MP system was added, never mind wince RoS, i levelled up to 70 on my 3 HC characters, and yet, nothing has changed, so you can keep your perceived "HC pro" mentality and crawl back under the rock that spawned you.

09/02/2015 10:26Posted by Bronko
Dude, 42 is easy mode ...
I did last "season" wizard solo 45 and this season solo 44 ...
its start getting harder after 46.

Wizards its underpowered and thats it.

i am well aware of what difficulty the greater rifts are, i have solo'ed many 42-43 rifts, but this is a 4 man group, of wizards, none of this perfect team setup of a support player+damage dealers.

09/02/2015 12:37Posted by Zackaresh
Still, I have to agree: quite a lot of headless-chicken-mode™ in the video :-D

it was done for a laugh, nothing to serious, a few of the deaths were because missiles/projectiles became impossible to dodge with the 20+ slow time bubbles from mirror images causing such bad image quality.
08/02/2015 20:36Posted by Nicolai
So just let me get this straight.

"4 of the best wizards in EU" played what in softcore is considered a semi-low GR ( i suppose? )
and died 28 times.

Being "good" at diablo and playing softcore is hilarious. You can die, and die and die all the time with no punishment

In a way, you are right, but whoever plays hardcore with a barb or monk (didn't check yours, nothing personal), is actually having a more relaxed time than a softcore wizard*. Following the logic of this thread and your correct observation, wizards are not even this good in grifts. Conclusions.

* My experience: with a balanced primary-vitality ratio, you don't really get surprises, these classes can more or less tank everything. With a wizard, well, you just die every corner. Melee classes don't need a 30% damage reduction (opinion).
I did clear solo GR43 without cheats multiple times so you guys kind of suck....
10/02/2015 19:44Posted by VladoG
I did clear solo GR43 without cheats multiple times so you guys kind of suck....

tell you what, go get 3 other wizards, make a 4 person wizard team, then go do greater rift 43, video the whole thing and show us just how pro you are by completing it the time limit allowed, this is an official challenge, i dare you to do better, then come to the forums and say people suck, please, do yourself a favour son.
Never realy cared for for solo grift but tried it last night.
Did 36 first try without unity and im prety sure I could go past 40 with unity and a little effort.
Highest 4 player grift ive done is 45 I think.

I really do want to try my zDPS Wiz in a team with 4 Wizards to see where we could end in grifts.

Cleared Grift 47 a few times now and failed at Grift 48 with 10 or 15 seconds. All of these grifts in groups with f.e.: a Sader and 2 x DH, Barb and 2 x DH as well as 3 x DH party.

So played it really as support buff and debuff char.

Ofc. we all know what support classes like Saders and WD's can ..... so people don't give me that.

Play Wiz and this is a very nice, not to known, build.

Rogoth01, question, add me and I would like to test with your Wiz-buddies in Gr.42 and/or up :-)

So saddle up your Hydra's, Furnaces and Devastators and accept my challenge.

<S> from the Netherlands.
hey sethman, we have a guy in our clan playing a support wizard build up to GR 50, we are looking to get something sorted out at some point when the current season has died down a little, so for the time being we aren't gonna be too heavy into Grifts, but thanks for the offer though, and good luck with the build, as i can tell you with better gear and improved playstyle, you can get into the low 50's with it.

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