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Overall Best Diablo III Streamer in 2014
Poll ended on 17 Mar 2015
Where is Quin, where is Deadset, where is Gigger? This poll is missing the best streamers.
^^ agreed!
Agree! theDeadset!
Since the list is missing my fav.
I vote quin69
i vote Quin69!
update the pool and then I'll vote ..
Quin69 ???
I vote Quin69
I vote Quin69 too!
Chainer if you ask me!
No Quin69, no vote from me.
quin 69 definetly is the best one out there. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
blizzard failed again ;d Quin69
What. Quin69 for sure why is he not on here?
quin69 for the win!
quin69 ftw!

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