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Good thinking man, i love it! :)
Blizzard could solve the stash problem long time ago.
why they did nothing about it?! i really dont know...
this needs more attention! I've wanted to try out each class and give it a thorough playthrough but i end up resorting to my trusty DH every time because it's the only class i have a lot of items for and i cant just get rid of things to try another class i dont even like, +1 for this idea
Loved it,great job bro.
This needs to happen.

Stash space is absolutely abysmal.
Hi to all....

Regarding the seasonal rollover stashed items, i also don't like the "mail" system....

Instead of that, why don't Blizzard replicates the stash along side with the regular stash, during 30 days, so all can just try the new items right away in the nonseasonal chars???
That would be much more faster, funnier and logical, instead of having to get the items to a char, got to regular stash, drop them, etc......

Blizzard, you want us to play, or to fool around stashs and emails????

Go on, make some use of the grey stuff!!!!!!!!!!
Make it happen Blizz, please!
I doubt they will change it ever.

2nd, i had a quite a blast salvaging all the crap legendaries and greens i never used or will use .... no, really.

3rd ... it gives you nice number of crafting material, which can be nice thing , and finally ...

... as i said before that meta game is strong in stash, so i look at this meta game in different perspecitve than big majority of you.
This concept would be a great idea for SC, but when it comes to HC, when your character dies, what would happen to that characters private stash? only one shared stash tab would mean even less space for HC players...
It is a beautiful concept, well done...
Silght issue with this setup :

As n00bh0st said about the HC aspect. This would be the same if you needed to delete your character too make a new seasonal.

Deleting Character :
So your Crusader finished S2 and now you want a new crusader in S3 but no character slots left. So you delete the old crusader. How will you manage his stash before deleting him? He will only be able to use 1 page to store stuff so others can transfer it to their pages, which seems tedious.

Hardcore :
Your Crusader dies, now those 4x character only pages? All items gone? So you only have 1 page for HC users that need to backup items incase they lose the whole 4 pages of stash. This means requiring 1x Mule character for HC so you can move the shared stash to the mule, tedious again.

ATM I have every character t6 capable, the majority of all sets, and a page of rings and amulets. I have exactly half a page left to store items with. These are meant to be weapons as I destroyed most of my weapons that were not ancient. I just barely scrape by on space and I would most certainly be happy if they increased it, your suggestion is good if we can clear up the issues with the 2 points above.
I love the concept image so much. It's exactly what I had been picturing in my head but have been too technically incapable to put into an image.

I'll list my constructive feedback
+ Love the new background
+ Love using the top graphic as a menu bar

- Don't need the 7 extra slots. If you had a stash full of shields, for example, it would leave an empty row at the bottom. Better to remove the extra slots and make more space at the top so that the menu bar can be larger

- Current Character Dedicated Stash is overkill. Simpler to just make it Current Class instead: 1 tab for weapons, 2 tabs for armour, 1 tab for rings and amulets, or whatever. This is enough for someone with multiple witchdoctors, for example. Also, this would preserve all items if a HC character dies.

- Shared stash tabs should be completely customisable. I'm not going to need a full tab for keys, but I would personally prefer to use the shared stash space in whatever crazy way that I see fit.

Great job Heltah.
The thrill of salvaging 4K unsocketed Ancient Maloths Focus :-)
This is AWESOME Heltah! Well done on the concept, would love for this to be implemented.
nice design, very nice QoL improvement as now for 2 seasons i have to destroy most items because better ones keep coming and character mules are out of question
i barely have enough slots for all builds i want to try out
We just need two stashes, one for trading purposes between our toons, one for personal hero usage, because we get sets after sets, legendaries with new affixes to try out and play around. We need personal hero stashes more than other patches.
How about making the fifth tab an "endless" tab, one that differ from the first four with a layout like the auction house, or the mail system when you go from season to non-season? You could have a limit for lets say a thousand entries and filter and sort freely on the stats you like. Even have an option to compare items on the fly. Anyway, please do something, this is too little space for us that like to try a different setup from time to time.
OP idea is great, i would love to have such simpler inv system.

...instead of having to create lvl 1 chars as "mules" (their inv space is now more stash)
then enter exit game every time u wanna see what u put in it...

the current stash is awful since it is so limiting,
the worst thing is when u salvage something just cuz u have no space and later realize u really needed it for some endgame build variation and have to farm for it again.

bliz devs, adding 1 more tab after all the forum requests since vanilla is just insulting.
Patch 2.5 could include these updates, that would make whole Diablo community, all players happy.

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