weapon choice

Have been unlucky with finding an ancient SS yet.

For the hydra build, would you recomend using a non ancient 2.4k SS or a 2.7k sunkeeper/devastator?
Since you don't seem to have Tasker and Theo yet either I would use the sunkeeper or devastator.
Yeah, that`s what i am thinking. Imo, even with taskers a non ancient SS seems to much dps loss.
23/04/2015 08:10Posted by BuNuReload
Yeah, that`s what i am thinking. Imo, even with taskers a non ancient SS seems to much dps loss.

I'd say this is the case as well. Heck, you could even run with a good 2h if you skip Tasker.
Update: I run with my non ancient 2.4k SS and trifecta taskers (with dex, from my dh), and managed to beat 49. I think 50-51 can be done without ancient SS, however to push further i need to get my hands on one.

As a comment, i think it`s worth it, hydra is your main damage dealer, aside from tal rasha procs. Gonna test some more, but for anyone who doesn`t have an ancient SS, it`s possible!
Nice to know. I have decent rolled non ancient SS in stash, just waiting for socket cube to drop. I used my cube for ancient Furnace that dropped and I'm not even using it... Can't give up set piece from off hand atm.

Oh well back to farming. Maybe more socketing cubes drop soon. Maybe I try craft that fire dmg mace again while I wait, I just can't get ancient version done.
What kind of monsters u had on 49?

So far I've tried 27 times to beat 47 GR, In all of those, I had Lacuni Stalkers/Huntress/Winged Assassins with Reflect that just kills me.
I got some act 5 mobs, the dragons that spit fire globes, some demons and anarchs, and some winged !@#.

But before that i got on 47 many lacunis, winged $%^, accursed, wasps and ghosts. They are very nasty, even if you manage them, they don`t provide enough progress in order for you to make it in time.

Usually i know just from the start if it`s worth it to continue or relog, sometimes i stay a bit and try to enter the second level, if the first is not very long. RNG after all.
Non ancient SS here and grift 50 cleared so I think it's not that bad to use a normal (but good) one ;-)

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