Wizard is underdone - discussion?


So the main thing is that, all classes but Wizard do have some kind of lets say 'proper' avoid death passive, which gives them more than 1 second, to get the hell out of there, or to simply kill in that few seconds something. On the other hand, there is Unstable Anomaly, where it basically mess around with monsters (not all of them, because somethimes iirc some monsters were not knocked back), and heal you 40% (wow, much safe, very heal, so powerful), just to die 1 second later, because monster has Thunderstorm affix, or Jailer just simply used it again, or Frozen or w/e Elites can spam as long as there is still one without cooldown on it.

Rework this passive? I know, some of you may say that Firebird - But that will cose you two item slots in EQ, and that's not fair, not even close, imo wizard should have same shield or super massive damage reduction like 99% for at least 4 seconds.

Energy Twister and Teleport on the other hand are fine skills, but .... Pathfinding for those skills needs a little bit of attention. Compared to monk (I think it is the best possible way to compare) wizard uses Dash Strike (because there are many object and invisible walls over little edges that stops you) and monk uses Teleport (so far he just simply teleports from A to B location as long as doors are open), so yeah, after few years of playing only as Wizard I finally find that annoying, same goes for Energy twister, where I want to cast it far away, and it stops on a little rock in front of me, and grabs enemies(thanks to bracelets) and get them close to me, so my very usefull passive to cheat death can be helpful.

What comes next is skills, wizard have lots of powerfull skills that he (can)not use, simply because those are channeling type (Desintegrate / Arcane Torrent / Ray of Frost) or they do cost way too much mana or have to be used as jumping (Arcane Orb, Wave of Force) or it is just an Archon..
Does anyone remember about this powerfull being? Propably not, because Archon is useless as it is right now. That skill needs reword and Vyr's Set needs to be rebalanced, yet again. Like really needs to.

Items, I would love to see possibility to re-roll Damage on off-hand, or simply increase off-hand damages /whine

Unstable Anomaly is no good, needs rework
Energy Twister and Teleport pathfinding is no good, needs take a look into it
Some skills that are channeling type/cost way too much arcane are no good, needs re-balance
Archon? Someone? Vyr's Set? Someone?

Unhallowed Essence gives Demon Hunter up to 1260% more damage IIRC, where on the other hand Wizard's Tal Rasha was nerfed form 800% to 600% before even PTR ended, and Dev Team avoided this question on Tavern Talk
Everything you've wrote is true

You've miss the resource regeneration and spell procs
- only 1 distance AP regeneration spell - Electrocute ...and 1 mid-range - Shock Pulse (which btw is kind of broken 'cos projectiles most of the time cant pass through doors)
- APoC ... 1st it was nerfed (from 8 max to 4max) ...then it was nerfed (from 3 items that can be rolled to 2) ....and then it was nerfed ('cos its bound to spell procs).
let me give you some food for thought:

the skill setup for the wizard class is still built around level 60 content from vanilla, the skills and what they do should have been changed for the expansion, but all blizzard did was alter numbers so they were usable at level 70 and with the new difficulty system (master/torments etc), and the fundamental skill mechanics were never changed.

UA has always been terrible, but it was fine because back in the day, only hardcore players used it,
it has not been changed in any way since D3 original release back in may 2012, the only things done to it, are bug fixes where it was for a time broken back in vanilla, that's it, nada, zip, diddly squat, no alteration or improvement to it in 3 years.

same goes for energy twister/teleport, these skills have worked this way since their inception, and they as with all other wizard skills have been left untouched, no QOL updates, or underlying mechanical changes to make them better, the only changes teleport has had is the nerf bat, due to people whining it was OP, and energy twister was nerfed back to the stoneage in terms of proc coefficients, purely because of the old CM build, they removed the CM passive from the game, and felt it was fine to leave the proc coefficients where they were, and when repeatedly asked about this issue, it is either deflected or outright ignored, like most of the previous "tavern talk" bulls!hit, either blizz are too lazy to give the wizard class the time and effort needed to fix many of the underlying problems, or are unwilling to do so because it costs "too many developer hours" because at this point, there are so many band aids piled on top of each other, it is getting harder and harder to see what they are they to try and fix.
Really?? Monks have the REAL teleport? Without obstacles stopping it? I don't want to live on this planet anymore!
Yes and they also got faster cast animation at the end of 2.2 PTR so they can spam it even faster and this happened at pretty much the same time as wizard got back the cd on Aether Walker, the wand which sole purpose is to get rid of Teleport cd...

Also I tried to address the UE problem so many times but as expected nothing even happened.
I think it may be because it's currently very unstable passive and since 2.2 it's also anomaly in this category so devs are probably happy how well it fit :-/
Passive death avoidance?! How about active death avoidance, also known as skill?

How to use skill: GR45 kills you --> do GR40
Pathfinding for ET needs to be fixed, that's for sure. Blizz changed this spell to be cast-at-target but forgot to remove path reliance from old version. As for Anomaly it should not only repel monsters but projectiles too as most deaths happen from barrage of ranged attacks (arrows, fireballs etc) and that would do it. Channeling spells are fine but need supporting legendaries to become useful (there is only one - for Ray of Frost).

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