Any viable fire build in season 3?

I'm going with a full DMO build and i'm having fun, but i'd like to try a fire build, any suggestion?
Tal Rasha with Meteor shower as a main spender.

If you want to be fully fire I would suggest Firebird and prepare for a marathon :)
Depends what you mean by viable?

Doing early tier 40s G-rifts with Firebirds set, other +fire gear, Magic Missile, Hydra etc. was very manageable.
Haven't tried my old non-season fire build since Wand of Woh literally never drops for anyone it seems.. buuut highly doubt it would work, too squishy probably.
I'd like to go full firebird + other fire stuff. Maxe what was your build for early 40ish grifts?
I tried Firebird to complete achievement "Do GR40 with the bonunes of 3 sets". I found it a crap in comparison with Tal Rasha's. You can't use both with full bonuses even with a RORG (Royal Grandeur). You can keep the meteors of TR but not the dmg bonus of the elements.

It lacks of dmg VERY HARD in comparison with Tal Rasha, IMO.

Maybe if you have all gear with + dmg to fire skills it should be more viable.
09/05/2015 16:39Posted by zoological
Maxe what was your build for early 40ish grifts?

Honestly don't remember completely, was just something I tried really fast without even trying to perfect it. Prob mammoth hydra, blizzard (frozen - need some sort of CC I guess), fire magic missile. Mainly to see if magic missile did reasonable dam and to see how good the Firebird bonuses were.
Firebird - fire damage x 2
Firebird Woh - explosive blast x 8

Magnum Opus - frozen orb x 8.5
Magnum Opus Triumvirate - frozen orb x 36

Tal Rasha - all damage x 7
Tal Rasha Nilfur - z0mg 10 billion star pact crits

Woh + Firebird was enough in 2.1 to facerol T6. It's a bit easier now, as you can mix in 2 pc Tal Rasha. It gets annoying past GR30.

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