Vyr and the new wiz set

Please forgive my bad english and few knoledge about diablo3 in first time.
Is this a bug ?When i go to archon with all runes with 4 parts of the new set,wich says slow time does 2000% dmg,in archon with used slow time it does nothing.Please enlighten me becouse it doesnt make sense to me as its the same skill as normal exept it dont have secondary effect BUT it is slow time ...thanks in advance!
Also the slow time cast by your mirror image doesn't work. Sadly I think it's intended even if I disagree with such decision...
no bug, working as intended. only the slow time skill cast by you gains the 4p bonus.
why it, and the bubble from the mirrors dont get the effect from the 4p idk.

it could have taken vyr out of the sorry state it is in, but it seems only a complete remake of vyr will do that.

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