✪ NO SEASON Clan <勒磔側> alpha seeks Paras 1000+ ✪

Looking for Players
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Added u =)


I have a clan atm, but its pretty hard to find there a good group for 70+ GR, so im ready to switch if you still looking for members.
actually I waas thinking to myself. Because I dont play seasons cause I dont have time for it, I cannot play Diablo 3 efficiently anymore ...

I was wrong. Sign me in, after work I write u and we rock :)

There should be at least one strong noseasonal clan in Europe - which would bring this game back to life, at least for me.

I hpe my low paragon is not an issue. I have eq for 65 - 70 for sure !
Add me pls Paragon 800+ Support/HotA barb, but i can make any class. diegho #2977
Diegho added u :)

@ Matle thanks for request but u are 2 low para lvl u need at least 700 +
and u only have 1 DD - no tank

Hello. P736 here. All chars ns. Mainly play as WD and Crus. Add me if there are some free spots left.
Hi guys Supp13#2163 here...

I wasn't really planning on joining any clan for that matter but I must say I really like the objective of yours (the higher GR's and speed GR's) which in fact is exactly what I am looking for.

My main class (99% of gametime) is DH! Love the amazon since Diablo 2!

I am paragon 794 right now and already on the leaderboard with a GR61 rank 341 (multishot setup) which certainly will be further pushed in a week or so (need some leveling first).

I stick to the multishot setup since this is the only way a DH can be useful in group GR. I am very able to do gr 65 speed in a decent group and in the case of good support (good healer/good crowd control/good exploding palms or 2nd dps) this can go up to 68 or maybe even higher but this remains untested for me. So I'm pretty sure I can be of some value to your clan.

Well ... let me know something I guess greets Supp13!

*edit* btw I only play NON season forgot to mention that :p
Hey Dude,

Sorry we have no need in DH´s...


Ok bruh... and don't call me "dude" I am not some 70ties lookin hippie
Hello, i am para 708, mainly hota barb playing but i can provide suppbarb even too- always ns!! Can you add me please? Hexenmeister#2832
I have a Heal XP Monk and a Hota DPS Barb

Add me in, I want to grow more paragon in 2 XP + 2 DPS builds before the 2.4.0 hits :))
Benji i added u to the Clan :)))

Regards Sparta
Paragon-Required is increased to 800.

Counts only for new members who want to join...

<勒磔側> alpha

勒 - crosswise

磔 - push forward

側 - dot

New Clan for NON Season Paras 800+

For pure NON Season players are tough times dawned when it comes to a sensible group of four for Speedgrifts (60+) or Highgrifts (70+) to find, because all this stupid green leaf is glowing and you have an eternity to wait until the group complete.

Even in clans at the limit of 400 members it doesn´t work immediately.
That's why I decided to start an experiment called the founding of a new clan, as I also am of the opinion that most of clan names and tags are an unimaginative imposition.
So if there are out there like-minded people who want also very well dispense with TS, writes a short response.

Our Goal is to grow such huge that it isn´t a problem to establish a group of four at any daytime and of course to push the grift limit forward (atm 78). We are now 123 active Members.

Prerequisite is really just that you're Para 800+, NO Season playing and otherwise an affable and active team player.^^
With your main char you should achieved solo grift 60, in a group of four 70.

So don´t be shy and sign up for the two weeks trial.



For joining contact please Spartacus#2987
We have much need for Static Monks to go xp grifts 72+ :-)

Feel free to join us

Still searching Members :-) !

I have a Static monk, but the clan members don't seem to be interested in forming groups.
Just tell me when i call for sc monk in grps :-) ur always welcome m8

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