Delrasha Mirror Meteor Build, Gear and Guide...


This build uses 5 pieces of the Tal Rasha set and 3 pieces of the Delsere's set with Teleport, Mirror Images and Slow Time to create a hard hitting wizard, capable of grifts 50+.

The build has great balance between damage and survivability.

Optimal Gear:
Helm: Tal Rasha (Prides Fall optional)
Amulet: Tal Rasha
Chest: Tal Rasha
Gloves: Delsere
Belt: Tal Rasha
Pants: Delsere
Shoulders: Delsere
Bracers: Ancient Parthan Defenders
Weapon: Aether Walker
Source: Tals
Boots: Nilfur's boast
Ring 1: RORG
Ring 2: Convention of Elements
You seem to have slightly confused yourself.
You listed 6 piece Tal's 2 piece Delsere. Need to swap out a piece of Tal's for a piece of Delsere. Nobody wants a time bubble that does no dmg.

I run a more traditional DelRasha set up since I don't have an Ancient AW or SS or anything of the such, works quite well although I've been trying to figure out how to get more dmg out of it in order to progress more. I had been subing meteor shower or star pact for illusions, which was alright, felt like a lot of lost crowd control though, and I found star pact to be rather underwhelming, meteor shower seemed to work better. Maybe I'll give a try swapping black hole out like you did and see how it turns out.
Hi, yes I did make a mistake with the gear listing here, but the video guide is correct.

I love meteor shower, it feels great to play, it feels powerful and it takes some skill to use effectively.

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