Noob question - Delrasha build and attack speed items

Hi, as stated im not very expierienced in inner works of diablo mechanics so maybe I'm missing something obvious.

With thats said here is my questions:
Is there any reason to increase attack speed with delrasha build? Or is it better to prioritize int/damage/crit%/crit damage/elemental damage/skill damage over it?

You use your basic skills only few times per cycle to regenerate slowtime and increase talrasha stack

Your meteors are mainly limited in ammount of mana You have and not how fast you can cast them.

You slowtime deals damage every 1 second according to description

I there anything in here that i'm missing that would benefit from attack speed affixes on your gear?
As with any dot in this game, Slow Time damage per tick scales with attack speed. But that's just it, and may be ground based aoe dot from meteors.
IAS really shines in channeling builds, and may be with pure Delsere's Primary+Twister+SlowTime. As soon as you cast direct damage one-time-ap-spender like meteor or arcane orb, IAS starts to suck.

So in your build, it's not completely useless, but better try to avoid it, if possible.
You don't need any IAS increase for DelRasha. As Tiah said it will increase a little bit of dot dmg but that's it so you would do better prioritizing other stuff, such as cooldown reduction, mana cost reduction if your spaming meteors, more survivability. I'd even guess that aoe dmg increase would be preferable to IAS but can't confirm that without doing the math
What Nock said.

Only focus on IAS if you are doing Mammoth Hydra / SS / TnT / Primus. Otherwise you won't get a significant boost in damage and would be better off building aoe damage.
thx for clarification :)

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