New player, few questions about builds for 2.3

Hello, I am a new Diablo player, started playing like week ago. I just dropped my Aethar Walker yesterday and this made me confused which build should I pick up since I have vialable items for both:

1. "Aethar Walker Meteor Shower Talrasha"- I got Cindercoat and AW non-ancient, plus Focus/Restriant rings and of course 6p Talrasha
2. "Serpent Sparker Mammoth Hydra Talrasha" - Got non-ancient SSparker, but here I replace Cindercoat with my Ancient Talrasha chest. Also got the pet's attack speed gloves.

I see alot of top solo wizards using the AW Shower, but I saw somewhere that stun DR will be increased to 95% at 2.3 patch, so does this completly destroying AW Shower spec?
I'd also like to add that my highest GR solo is 43 with SS Hydra build. Got really used to that build and I feel comfortable with it, but it's really slow and sometimes I am getting "monkey enemies" that jump at me, so I cannot do anything about that. Same with some one shot Elite's abilities.
In the other hand AW Shower spec is really hard for me, I tested it on some low level GRs solo and in public game, I barely even keep up my legendary gem's stacks. Also poor arcane power management.

Sorry for that chaotic message style, can some Wizard-senpai help me?
This is how I see it:

In theory the hydra build has a much higher dmg potential, but it lacks crowd control, makes you very squishy and is very dependant on the mob types and map layouts of the GR's at higher levels.
It's also a much easier set up to use because it's pretty basic, and it really doesn't even requite that much casting or paying attention to buffs. I used a type of hydra build for a long time until I hit a wall due tu survivability and switched to DelRasha.

The AW/meteor shower build is incredibly powerful because of it's permastun potential, especially coupled ith APD. In 2.3 though with the diminishing returns on stun efects it wont be quite as powerful. I think we'll still see a lot of it though just more blinking around in circles than over and over in the same spot but we shall see. This build definitely takes time to get used to, you have buffs you need to pay attention to, AP management, keeping your rotation down, etc. it will definetely take pratice to be able to use well so if you are attracted to this build don't get discouraged right away. Every time I change my build it feels weird at the begining and like the new build isn't as good, even though it's actually better sometimes.

Also you should remember that the GR system will work a bit diferent in 2.3 instead of having to get the token of trials and do those stupid trials to get a GR key you will now just open up a drop down menu and select which GR level you want. This will make fishing for rifts easier and more mainstream I assume. This should benefit all builds but even more so the ones that really shine on certain maps with certain mob types. Should also make it easier for everybody to acheive higher GR potential.

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