New Vyr´s only viable in season?

The new Vyr´s look pretty amazing and i am really looking forward to it since i played a lot of archon pre-ros
However 1 thing kinda looks bad for me

The new Wizard Season only item will be:

Fazula's Improbable Chain
New Legendary Belt
Archon stacks also increase your Attack Speed, Armor and resistances by 1%

Since Vyr´s is going to be balanced including this belt will it really be viable outside of the new season?
Everything depend of what you call "viable"

If for you viable is doing t10 and some grift around 50, i think yes.
If viable is being in the top 10 ladder... maybe not

Every season, if you look at the ladder, 99% of top 20 player have the same build. maybe one or two little different thing, but evencialy the same.
So i dont know if the new vyr is going to be the "top" set of wizard, but one thing is clear : This belt kickass!
So if you have it, you will be far more powerfull and tanky than without.

So if you want to try to be one of the best, you need it.
But if you want to do your best without playing in season, i bet this set alone can do a good 50gr easilly.
I some testing in solo GR's with a vyr's, tal's & chantodo's combo on the 2.3 ptr during S3 (without the belt) and it seemed to work nicely. I managed GR59 and a friend cleared GR63 solo so it's definately viable for high GRs but maybe not the very top.

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