Delrasha weapon question

i am using ancient thunder fury that do 2800 dps i also have ancient sunkeeper with 2500 dps and 20% elite dmg should i lower my dps for more elite dmg?i have furnce in the cube
Can't reroll the dmg on the sunkeeper?
Anyways take a look at the dmg range on both weapons. it's possible that the sunkeeper actually hits harder because it has a slower attack speed. Some of the damage discrepancy is that the thundfury has 0.2 more aps which means more dps, but IAS is pretty much irrelevant for a DelRasha setup so your meteors may actually even hit harder with the SK. The elite damage is always good, guardians go down faster even if your skipping elite packs.
I use a SK since I don't have an ancient AW and it's great.
and if i find a weapon with 3000-3200 dps is it better then the 20-30% elite dmg of the SK?
well.. think about it...

the sunkeeper you can go probably 2800 dps.
if you get a 3100dps weapon (try to get raw damage and not AS damage) then you have roughly 10% increased damage to ALL, including elites.

personally I always prefer damage to ALL in ALL states over specialized damage.

PS: you can upgrade yellow maces in the cube for a moderate price and maybe you'll get a better sunkeeper. that's how i got my weapon and i will probably change it, just want to see how it goes with my archon build.
10% increased against all or 30% against elite i think the elite dmg is better,in rift an grift and really any thing in the game is about elite dmg,killing them as fast as possible,especially if im playing in a group
you said you have sunkeeper with 20% not 30%.

and it heavily depends on people's gear and skills and playstyle. for example in case of WW barb, the 30% elite damage probably is better, but then again you don't use it.

for wizzard on the other hand, I think the raw damage is the best as you spend more time on killing mobs than on killing paks or guardian.
what i mean is that for example in GR 40 i got lets' say 3-4-5 paks which i killed in like 10 seconds. the guardian i killed in like 30-40-50 seconds. the rest of the time i spent killing mobs and some would not die 1st shot. so it's best for me that i get the + damage where i actually need it - overall than 20% extra bonus, which BTW you might already have from other items like the furnace - 50%, soj - 25-30%, unity -15%, etc.
the 20% extra damage for bosses will be added to the rest of elite/boss damage which will translate to having let's say 100% damage against bosses instead of 70%.

example in your case:
without other buffs: if you have 2800 dps weapon and 70% damage against bosses (50% from furnace in cube and the 20% from sunkeeper) you will do 4760 damage against bosses.
if you have 3100 weapon damage and the 50% damage to bosses, you get 4650 damage against bosses. so only a 2.2% damage loss against bosses and paks, but a 10% damage increase against mobs.
so basically you kill mobs 10% faster and kill paks and guardians 2.2% slower.
take those numbers and see how much time you spend killing mobs and how much time killing paks or guardian and see which is best for you.

PS: like i said, you could always use the upgrade rare item to legendary in the cube and try to get 3000+ Sun Keeper.
Try them both out, do some runs on same level GRIFT with each weapon and see which one feels better. Take a look at how hard your meteors hit, or at least when they crit. It'll give you an idea of the discrepany between each item.

If you still want to try and think about it logically and throw some analytics in then this is what I recomend.
Ignore the DPS values of the weapons because it's based of their attack speed and you could care less about attack speed, So take a look at the damage range on each of your weapons, the one located below the DPS value and above and weapon APS value; not the damage range listed under primary attributes. See which one is higher, i suspect it's the SK. You'll want to use the one with the higher damage range because really you care about how hard your meteors hit not about a few extra dot ticks from having higher APS.

03/09/2015 14:22Posted by Shmu
PS: like i said, you could always use the upgrade rare item to legendary in the cube and try to get 3000+ Sun Keeper.

Don't believe you can roll a SK much above 2900 dps due to it's low APS and the fact you'll never have an IAS roll on it.
ok thank you guys for the tips!
i upgrade my SK to 2800dps so its now my strongest weapon any way

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