%elemental dmg on Tal 6

Hello everyone,
I recently unretired my wizard since I wanted to see the new changes and the new set. Fortunately I had kept a dusty collection of Tal Rasha pieces in my vault (just in case.. and I was right to do so :) ) and didn't take me much time to get the 6th piece. I read a lot of TR build and I think I understand how the whole set works. Still, 2 things are still unclear for me:
1) Let's say I want to proc the lightning meteore, then if I use storm armor, its zapping over a mob will proc that meteore (tested it). But it doesn't seem to add on the TR elemental stack as lightning stack (I always get like 3 stacks)?
2) Now that the gameplay is all about switching between the 4 element skills, is the %elemental dmg on wrist, amulet and other still important? I mean back to the time fire wizards ruled Sanctuary, we had to stack like +90% to fire skills (cindercoat, magefist, SoJ...). But now, how does it work? Should I get 15% cold skill, 15%fire, 15% lightning and 15% arcane? Or no more worth wasting a stat roll? I looked at a lot of good players set and none of them have %elemental dmg on their amulet anymore. Just like socket+INT+CC+CD instead of socket+INT+CD+%fire dmg
Thanks in advance for your help
You're not actively casting the bolts from storm armor, it's a just a proc, or you can think of it like that. To activate the Tal's buff you need to actively cast a spell of that type.

The only place that just about everybody has +%elemental dmg is on Bracers, other than that unless you're using cindercoat, majefist or something you probably won't have any additional +%elemental dmg. Not worth it on the Amulet at all anymore.
If you're going to have multiple items with +%elemental dmg you'll want to stack them all the same type, and that should be the type that provides you're primary dmg. For most people that's fire. Usually the only time you see something else is with Delsere or DelRasha builds where the player wants their time bubble to be a specific type of dmg, usually for spell layout puruposes.
Thanks for the answer. Very clear for me now

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