:'( HELP ME!!! Section of the act 2 Screen Freezing...

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Screen Freezes but the game goes on behind... help me Please...
I can not pass Section
I have the same problem, certain rifts that are from act 2 will not load. I can hear the game continue on the background but the screen stays on a loading screen! Any fixes?
I don't know but we need help. BLİZZARD hear us... :'( Love game but there are obstacles in front of me :'(
I noticed, when you go to a certain location map screen freezes, the game continues below. Blizzard HELP ME
same problem here, please fix this blizzard!
please fix this problem blizzard asap! new patch is great but this makes it unplayable in many ways!
Did you by any chance upgrade to Windows 10 recently and are using an AMD card? I know i did and i experienced major performance issues, lag and frozen screens.

Apparently there is a problem if you are using Windows 10 and the latest AMD drivers, i tried the following workaround (making Diablo 3 use an older driver version) and it looks like its fixed:


Apparently this is a known problem since the release of Windows 10.

If you are using an NVIDIA card, you might find some information here:


Good luck,

Poppinnz Thank you problem solved
its not just for ppl who use win 10. amd is enough to cause this prob.
try this link...it was perfect for me

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