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I personally don't play on PTR but am hoping if someone would be kind enough to answer some questions regarding the new patch. Thanks

1 - I understand keystones are no longer needed to enter normal rifts. However, Do the bosses still drop the greater rift keys and are there any other ways of obtaining new greater rift keys to?

2 - In the bounty caches, does the amount of the new materials that drop in them depends on what torment level you do? Can someone give a example of how many you would get per cache dependant on Torment Level.
need answers too ,
1.- Yes, they do drop the item required to open GRs.

2.- I have not done bounties in all T levels, but in T5-6 I was getting 3 mats per cache, and in T7-T8 4 mats per cache. You get double mats on the bonus act.
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