CD reading problem on PS4

I just got my brand new D3: Ultimate Evil Edition but i can not play it. When i start the game then it starts the update too. After I am done updating the game starts the loading screen comes out and then the game crashes and it say Can not read the disc, please check if not damaged, the disc is all new and fine tho, when i get this thing up on my screen i still hear the in game music and even the trailer starts. I tried to reboot the database. I deleted the update and started the game without update then the game was all fine i came trough the loading screen to the start screen but i could no go longer because of the update was required. So please tell me what i have to do.
maby you can "refresh license" for games. I don't exactly know what it means but it seems to help and is an easy fix.

Look here

Hope this helps.
I am having the same problem, and refresh licences did not help. Are there any other options ?

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