Something wrong with my playing style passing GR60+?

Hi all D3 Monks!

I have no idea what i'm doing wrong.
I used to play Wiz before trying Monk this season and wonder if it should feel this much harder?
I seem any GR above 60 is a total random loss in more than 9 times out of 10.
I loose progress on any kind of elites (blue or yellow, no matter if they are in big packs of whites or alone).
Of course I loose progres when there are few monsters, but I also loose progress in many places where it's packed and I keep on hitting mobs and keeping my spirit up.
On rare occasions I seem to kill of a bunch somewhat faster but normaly everything takes to much time to kill.
I try to use all my skills as often as availble and so on, but see no pattern how I can progress faster.
Most problems seems to be comming with monsters that move around often or fast, but even slow types give no improved progress.
I've tried to move along letting monsters follow, not killing them all at that spot but it doesn't seem to help.
Many times it results in too big packs containing too many elites with any and all difficult affixes.
I normaly die in these larger packs including more then one elite because of this.
I don't think I have any wrong skills or wrong equipment as I keep looking att all top players, but maybe I missed something?

All elite affixes can be real problems if there are several but these seems to be some of the worst:
Illusionist , Horde, Knockback, Nightmarish, Vortex, Fast, Frozen (and Arcane Enchanted in tight spaces).
But most of the rest affixes are also problematic because you will always have several of them and somtimes many at the same time when you moved along with elites just to find more and more elites.
What plan should I have for this?
I can't avoid it all and run away and I can't face it all.
So should I stay to kill of that awkvard elite to get rid of it's affixes or continue to ignore the problem witch gets me killed further on?
I tend to "Leave Game" way too often as it's now.
Best tries I use Static Charge on some different monsters in the pack before using Fists of Fury on them.
Also tried the other way round by starting with Fist of Fury and then Static, but this seems not to work?
I use Dashing strike when needed and try to use it every 4 sec but sometimes its not available at all for a time -whats wrong?
I try to spare Epiphany for elites but it doesn't last long enough and doesn't help enough - I get killed even with Epiphany and Mantra of Salvation activated - whats wrong?

Any playing tips are very apreciated from anybody who think they see or know something about this.
(see my season monk "MissFit" - perhaps the name offended someone but not intended?)
I have exactly the same problem, the mobs don't die soon enough and I can not move above grift 62+

I saw that Quin69 was able to clear "grift 75" with this build but I don't know how he manages to keep all the static charges up all the time. I guess you (and I ofc) are failing just because you don't hit the correct buttons every time and all the time.

See the video from Quin69 here:
OK, thanks for the answer.

Mayby it is this hard, but I've been trying for weeks and still didn't see any clue to what works and not - meaning any clue to what I should try to do.
I saw the video earlier but didn't hear any exact tip on how many hits with Static charge and on how many mobs before using Fists of Fury. Thought I could find it by trying different tactics but it doesn't seem to matter to much (for me at least).
Perhaps the problem is that I have to hit the exact same monster with Fists of Fury that I previously hit with Static Charge - but this will be almost impossible. In large packs I normaly don't even see my character and never exactly witch monster I am hitting.
Do I need this precission even if I have the streaks of lightning running through the pack?

Also another thing I've been worrying about is my Shenlong's Relentless Assault that "accidentally" has +6% Attack Speed. Can different Attack Speed on my weapons be making things worse for me than if none of them had Attack Speed?
I think I removed "Gain xx life per spirit spent" - should I have kept that instead of AS?

Another tip was that I should have at least 1.90 AS when standing in town with no skills activated (includding Enchantress boost and 50 Paragon points). I only get to 1.89 ApS on the weapon without +AS using one place (ring) with +7% AS. Most top players seem to just use one piece whith +7%AS so are they also on 1.89 Attacks per second when not using any skills? Is that enough or is there another trick to this?

I've been trying to look att my Attacks per second when fighting, but its realy hard to do when details screen is blocking the view. I have never seen 5 APS (most is about 4.7x) - is this normal?
Hi Henrik,

Quin tells that one should have 3 pcs of 7% attack speed gear, that is gloves and both rings. So you will end up with 24% adding the enchantress. This is a break point of proccing your FD buffs so you will be attacking very fast all the time.

23/11/2015 18:30Posted by Henrik
Perhaps the problem is that I have to hit the exact same monster with Fists of Fury that I previously hit with Static Charge - but this will be almost impossible.

Yes, this is your main defect. Lets read the tooltip of static charge again.

"Fists of Thunder applies Static Charge to enemies hit for 6 seconds. Each time an enemy with Static Charge gets hit, there is a chance that every other enemy with Static Charge within 40 yards takes 180% weapon damage as Lightning."

So it is very hard to hit the same mob but you should be fast and apply FoT/SC to several monsters within 2-3 seconds and then begin FoF to one of the charged mobs to proc the lightning effect.

Personally I did not like the SC build and hoping a better playable build in 2.4.0

Hope it helps.

Thanks a lot benji!

This explains exactly why I get more problems and slower progress in realy large packs.
I can't seem to hit the same monsters with both skills, especially when they move around a lot.
Was hoping that when I do get the lightning streaks it would also apply the effect to all monsters hit by the streaks, but I guess it might not be the case.
So now I need to practise gathering somewhat smaller monster groups (to my skill level) so I still can see what I'm doing within it.

About the AS I know I heard to use 3 pieces with it, but looking through the leaderboard, almost nobody in the top places seems to use more then one piece with AS. So mayby we don't need to be at max AS that bad (but will try if it feels better if/when I get the right items).

Yes, lets hope for a new more playable build.
Hi Henrik,

24/11/2015 17:25Posted by Henrik
I need to practise gathering somewhat smaller monster groups

Smaller monster groups are more problematic as you can not gain enough progress to finish the grift bar.

24/11/2015 17:25Posted by Henrik
almost nobody in the top places seems to use more then one piece with AS

You can alternatively use "pain enhancer gem" to buff your attack speed.
Well, I tried some more rifts now and youre right that I cant finish in time.
I didn't mean really small groups, but perhaps 30 mobs in stead of 100 mobs at a time.
Funny though that I never ever have any problem with the rift guardian - he almost never takes more than 90 sec no matter who I get, and thats on "single target" up to GR 63 where I'm now..
Almost seems harder to kill any elites than any RG and RG almost never kills me.
Last rift took little over 19 minutes and I died just once to a "yellow fellow" and I was pushing damage all the time the best I can..
I apply SC to perhaps 3-4 mobs before FoF and get the streaks of lightning between them.
The problem is that elites needs this done many many times before I finally kill them.
And in larger packs I get to SC different mobs for each round I apply it. It almost seems they get harder and harder to kill the more I've been working a large pack..
Never mind - I'll keep trying.
OK, I'm ready to give up this stu#id build.
It is clearly not working at all.
No matter what I try or how much I practice it will never get me anywhere above GR63 and not even close to GR69 wich is place 1000 on leaderboards now.
I use all advice given and do get the static charge effect on large groups and hit them with FoF and still loose progress no matter what monster types.
On any GR above 60 the only thing making me gain progress are pylons and preferably Conduit. That alone is the only thing that will let me pass any GR above 60.
Suspect I have at least one broken item that is not working as it should and I cant figure it out.
I will go back to Exploding Palm and Seven sided strike and see how that works instead.
Henrik - have you tried assigning FoT to one of the hotkeys instead, i.e. 1-4 and then use that - solved my initial issues with playstyle back in the beginning (I started as you assigning to right click mouse). Then simply hold down your left mouse with WotHF all the time while pressing the key as you pass the mouse over new targets. Noone can hit the same mob a given number of times when it is all a big mess and it is not required at all.

Good luck :-)

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