How to fix white arrow in 2.4.0 patch

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In Diablo III patch 2.4 game have New Feature ( LOL ) - awful ugly huge white arrow as "better" cursor.
So. I made this mod…. or addon call it as you want.
I present you the FIRST MOD for Diablo III – "Classic Cursors mod".
This mod contains cursors from games Diablo I, Diablo II, Diablo III patch 2.3 and arrow from original Diablo III in 2012.
I made original SMALL versions and BIG versions for people who like big cursors or for people with a poor eyesight.
Also I modified D3 cursors with another color like red and blue also there is “dark” versions of cursors.
Choose any on your taste.

You can download from here
or from direct link below

Version history:
Version 1.0
- added cursors from all diablo games

Actual Version 1.1.
- added Combat sword from Diablo III RoS 2.3


=====How to Install.=====
1. You must download YoloMouse from here or from direct link below
2. Go to YoloMouse install directory like "C:\Program Files\YoloMouse" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\YoloMouse\" (in win x64)
3. Delete "Cursors" folder.
4. Unzip "Cursors" folder from my archive.
5. Run game and have fun ;-)

--------YoloMouse direct links-------
32 bit system
64 bit system

Tutorial for YoloMouse
1. Hit CTRL SHIFT ALT 1 (up to 3) to change that cursor. Hit same hotkey again to cycle through more cursors
2. To reset a cursor to the game default hit CTRL SHIFT ALT 0
3. To decrease or increase cursor size use CTRL SHIFT ALT - or +

SheX - Lost Mage
Special for TRUE Diablo FANS.

have a question? email me
lostmageofwind @ gmail . com
Thanks bro!

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