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Hi i'm a paragon 840 with lots of classes and sets but i can't for the love of god get the mastery for set dungeons.
I was close on the magnum opus one a few times, but i think it would really help if someone with experience on set dungeons could help me

Battle tag is sampoelala#2917
Hello there,
Set dungeons take some time to complete, some much much more than others (mastered all of them and can confirm this).
I would recommend searching for Quin69 on YouTube. He has all set dungeons completed with how to as well. Having said that, for Magnum Opus dungeon you should try using black hole and a belt that increases your spectral blades attack speed (it helps). Also try put one or two defensive legendary gems as mobs tend to hit quite hard. Just run around map killing everything but make sure if you see big packs to black hole them and then bubble :) hope it helps
Forget DMO set dungeon
The most easiest is the Tal Rasha's one.
All you need is to memorize where are the worms .... and run/push ...
nothing really special
I have done only Raekor's dungeon. I had to dumb down my items because I killed the mobs very quickly and could not complete all the objectives. So, I used "bad" items, toned down my dps, and managed to do the objectives. Maybe this is some kind of help, good luck!
I had a similar problem in the Might of the Earth-dungeon (which would not be such a problem if not for my butterfingers, I know) - perform a canned combo on "elites" which basically implode if you sneeze at them. Come on, big demon guys. Learn to take a punch already, this isn't premier-league soccer.
02/03/2016 11:26Posted by eXs
Hello there,
Set dungeons take some time to complete, some much much more than others (mastered all of them and can confirm this).
I would recommend searching for Quin69 on YouTube. He has all set dungeons completed with how to as well.
I recommend not using Quins guides since most of them are outdated from the PTR. He also doesn't bother to show what gear/skills/cube he's using.

This guy has good guides that are all live:

Barbarian, Demon Hunter and Witch doctor were all quite easy. Wizards Firebird and Delsere are really annoying. Crusader Rolands also took a while for me. Then the only two I haven't mastered: monk dungeons Uliana and Thousand Storms. Uliana needs the mastery, but I'm too slow and I can't even complete Raiment of a Thousand Storms normally. Ugh, monks.
Yeah I agree Knubbsal, but it will give him/her a general idea of what he/she needs to do :)
quins guides are outdated, id recommend using white locks guides on youtube he shows his skills, items and cubed items

also if you just need 1 set dungeon completed its definitely not worths, its one of the most annoying

but if you need it for the wings then ask for a friend to come along with you, you concentrate on the objectives in the dungeon when those are done your friend helps you clearing the remained monsters, thats how i did it( he has to stay at the entrance and wait till objectives are done)

you will still need a lot of tries to complete most likely because of the rng blizzard likes in their games

Which one from these: Inna's, Sunwoku's, UE, Marauder, Uliana, Raiment of 1000 storms, Shadow mantle or Natalia is easiest to master (in your opinion ofc)?
I was really really close with sunwoku's 2 or 3 times, but I didn't master it (because of few mobs which I left/couldn't find etc etc). I'm dead inside a little since that time. I just want that nightmare to be over. Need only 1 dungeon.
unhallowed essence was easy

but as said you still need several tries to find the mobs and hit them with multishot
Marauder the easiest by far.
Take 3 friends into dungeon, drop sentries, wait at entrance, friends kill enemies. I can usually boost someone through first go, sometimes 22 or 3 if RNG is really bad. Thats not me saying Im good, just thart its easy :)
I'll try then. After inna's with its every single pack counting exctatly 19 mobs and hundred of miles distance, separating one pack from another I just gave up on whole that dungeon stuff. But UE looks quite easy on vids, that's true. I must try it.
Thanks for tip, wish me patience pls:S

edit: after few runs 4/6 tops. I should do it eventually.

edit2: Cubing these:
and using forced mov. button instead of lmb is good idea. I bet that guy in video guide said that but who has time to watch them. Btw. people don't do written guides anymore, the hell?
just did the easiest dungeon so far Natalya's

with least rng involved just need the items
Thanks a lot man! At first try :D

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