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What is the point of paragons? Only botters and streamers which are paid for can make maximum use of it. Can we have paragon cap at 1000 -1200 so even semi casuals could reach that?

Can we have better paragon options not just boring main stat? Can we have more depth into paragons?

I am para 945 played 600 hours this season mostly solo or with friend, but there is no end game for players like me, can't compete on leaderboards so burnout is near. (sure maybe last 50 places is there even some reward for that?)

Set dungeons was huge waste of time of developers. They spent 6 months to make that? And then we finish that in week and we won't ever return there. There is also not a achievement if you can get friend for help, with friend all are super easy.

I played D2 recently and have to say it still have better atmosfhere and feel also itemization is superior there. In D3 legs dropping so fast that white items have more value for me, seriously I am more exited from white item drop.

In D2 you are curious for almost every drop, grey items have sockets for rune words, white items can be socketed, yellow can be better then everything, then you have uniques, runes, runewords etc. Playing D2 is just more exciting. Well D2 is dated and I allready played it to death but D3 devs should take deep look into that and copy some ideas. Have to say D3 is maybe better then D2 finally, becouse D2 is run by bots only actually.

1. Make some dungeon full of uber bosses with difficulty arround GR 70 with good rewards.
2. Make more rift dificulties, there is no way to make public GR group with para levels of players 250-1000+
3. Add runewords and socketed items.
4. Make Ubers harder and let them spawn 4-8 legendarys so we would like to run them just for loot (I just crafted 30 helfire amulets and none ancient I need break from them)
5. Hire more devs so we don't need to wait a year for every bigger change or fix.

I am pretty sure all of that was said on forum many times, but I don't feel like playing game today (burnout) so I write my feedback, noone will read it anyway becouse EU forum is dead long time ago :)
How about a cap on "make cap on paragon points" threads?
How about a cap on trolling the "make cap on paragon points" ?
There is a big thread for this already, do not spam:
Somewhere along the posts in these threads one or two of the fanboys will write down "If you dont like it - go play something else"- so go read something else. Its normal to have more and more threads on an issue when its not adressed, its how it works. If you think something will just fade away with only one ignored thread - keep dreaming.. and BTW these threads don't realy need defence from players, they need BLUE posts.
04/03/2016 21:48Posted by Desper
What is the point of paragons? Only botters and streamers which are paid for can make maximum use of it. Can we have paragon cap at 1000 -1200 so even semi casuals could reach that?

No, simply because, grifts are not capped. If paragons get capped so should grifts and this will, most likely, never happen.

04/03/2016 21:48Posted by Desper

Can we have better paragon options not just boring main stat? Can we have more depth into paragons?

Now this is more like it. What do you suggest should replace main stat?
They could be capped in season Buki or only in solo grifts or only in any grifts,...

Imagine playing solo grifts and beyond RNG only the gear, the gems and your SKILL will mater not that insane paragon some players BOT for.

There are solutions problem is Blizzard seems confused.
if you dont like paragon sistem you dont play this game go play stupid GTA 5
This game should be about gear farming, not paragon farming.
Paragon is the whole point of playing the game.
Cap that and you're left with no reason to grind.
05/03/2016 15:16Posted by Baron
This game should be about gear farming, not paragon farming.

Its True Baron, I saw your post on Us forums but im baned there couldn't post. You are right this system forces players to do 16/24 xp grinding and its totally retarded.
Nobody is forced to do anything in this game. Saying otherwise is "totally retarded".
You in the business of trolling I see, guess you don't care about this game.
I think I care more about the game than you. Actually I know that I care more about the game than you. What you care about is mostly yourself.

The whole underlying motivation behind your argumentation seems to be that the game should be organized in a way that you like and desire. And since it isn't organized/working the way you want then the game is bad, the developers are wrong and anybody who disagrees with your are retarded, trollers, idiots etc.
05/03/2016 15:16Posted by Baron
This game should be about gear farming, not paragon farming.

And once you find the "perfect" gear what's left?

I have been here since the very beginning and I remember vividly the time before paragons were introduced. Many players leaving and/or complaining in the forums simply because they felt like it was pointless, no progress meter and nothing to show for hundreds and hundreds of hours they invested in the game. Paragon brought purpose to the game. Even half an hour a day of playing is better than nothing, One xp bar is better than no bar. Remove that, and this game is as good as dead. Mark my words.

So, this game is about everything that makes you more efficient in pushing higher while having fun along the way. There, fixed that for you.
paragons could be fine if there were no people exploiting/botting/hacking doing anything to get advantage over others

but we know this will never happen right

Want to reach that?

Play non stop almost.
Get your self some really geeky friends.
And push the highest gr you can handle even if you can't pass it you get the massive experience off it.

Honestly, Im at 788 and do have a few guild memebers just over 1k.

I seen some at 1700+

Sorry but no possible way you don't bot unless you share the account with 2 - 3 other people and push the highest GR you can without being able to kill rg.

Imo if you can't kill the RG within 5 minutes after the timer has expired all experience should be revoked.

That then would at least make it somewhat more do able for people that do the casual play.
I played for a few weeks and that was about it. The game is good but it gets old very fast, which is a shame. I'm not a big fan of the paragon levels and greater rift grind and those are the "only" things you can do in the game.
Yes and take away the cap on all non-GR gameplay so we can do bounties, ubers and get mats/keys at "your level". Would improve the game and rewards for playing. Now the cap (TX) means that high level players will have bots do the dirty work.

Instead of paragon it should be GRs and gem upgrades + augmenting your gear that gives progress. The existing exponential increase of difficulty in GRs works fine and will work like a soft cap. Augmenting is good as it's tied to one class/build and the just mentioned soft cap in GRs. Not like paragon were the high level players can dominate all classes and builds with just their paragon. "Ready" with one hero? Move on to the next.

Blizz wanted us to group on fewer servers to save them money back in S3 I think it was. You suddenly got insane xp plus there seems to always be a way to exploit some gear or skill and be able to do very high GRs in groups (Blizz...). It was like one step forward and three steps back. I didn't feel to play much back then and it was also summer.

Many of the changes lately are good but the paragons hurt the game and need to be redesigned. The worst thing about it is rewarding a few players that can waste their life on D3.

Finally a fix that can make up for all shortcomings in D3 (for me that is):
Make you able to filter out your own personal leaderboard in seasons.
A few parameters should be added:
- Time played (can also be used to filter out bot users...)
- A bit set to 1 when your account has played together with others so solo players can have their competition
This way any player can compete with other similar players. To compete is fun but it has to be fair and sound.

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