Constantly receiving error codes 3005 and 3007

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While I am in-game I keep receiving error codes 3005 and 3007. I have tried disconnecting EVERYTHING from my wifi except the computer I am using and also having the computer hardwired into my router. I also added exceptions in my antivirus and firewall for Diablo 3, Diablo 3 launcher,, and Launcher. Then I completely disabled my firewall AND antivirus and no matter what I do, it continues.


I wouldn't mind it so much if it just happened a few times then went back to normal BUT nooooo. Its been doing this CONSTANTLY for the past week!!!! I can hardly get through a rift or bounty without it doing this.

I have noticed that a lot of people are having the same issues and I found some fixes and tried them but it hasn't made a difference at all!!!

P.S. To Blizzard: You need to add a way to LOGOUT of the damn game without having to completely exit out of it. This is completely idiotic not to have this option!!!! And if there is a way to do so, at least make it easily accessible because I have went through EVERY option and I have not found a way to just simply log out.
Hello ASPnetG33k,

I see you're using Wifi. I would strongly recommend connecting by cable, even if it's only for doing some testing. Wifi connections can be unstable and suffer from interferences that can cause all kind of connection issues. That's the reason we don't officially support Wifi connnections.

If the issue persists with cable, please make sure you follow all the steps in this article, including advanced:

If after that you're still having connection problems, please provide us with the following information so we can look into it:

- Details of issue:
- Date/time it started:
- City/Country:
- Internet Provider:
- Traceroute (right after a disconnection or whenever you're experiencing the issue)
- Pathping (right after a disconnection or whenever you're experiencing the issue)
- Looking Glass report (right after a disconnection or whenever you're experiencing the issue)

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I WAS using WiFi but I figured that would be the issue so I disconnected from WiFi and continued using ONLY hardwire ethernet cable directly to my modem/router and it is still doing it.

EDIT: Here are my responses to the steps listed in the link you provided.

1. Not using World of Warcraft so I will skip this one.
2. I not only reset every device that was connected to my WiFi but I also disconnected everything except the computer I am trying to play on after restarting it.
3. I checked my DNS settings and everything checked out okay.
4. I have software that I run periodically to make sure everything is up to date for my hardware drivers.
5. I currently have an incredible stable connection operating at minimum speeds of 25 MB/s
6. I closed out everything including anti-virus on my computer so that nothing would cause any issues. This was the very first thing I did.

1. I am currently running Windows 10 so it automatically updates the OS. When these problems started, I made sure that my OS was up-to-date to ensure this was not causing the issues.
2. Checking my host file was also one of the first things I did to make sure this wasn't causing the issues in-game.
3. This was another step I first completed when I started experiencing these problems. My network card is operating completely fine and it is up to date with the most current drivers.
4. I checked my netwok configuration and everything was fine.
5. I tried completely disabling the firewall built in to Windows and also disabled my anti-virus along with adding exceptions to both for Diablo 3 and including the launchers.
6. I checked for any updates for any new firmware for my router while checking all of my network settings and it is currently running the most recent update.

Do you have any other solutions you can think of?
Have been getting error codes al day now. 3 times an hour i get kicked out of the game and error code 3007 appears. Nothing in my settup has changed!
Feel ure pain. Game unplayable for me now
If you've followed all the steps I've linked before and the issue persists, we would need the following information so we can investigate further:

- Details of issue:
- Date/time it started:
- City/Country:
- Internet Provider:
- Traceroute (right after a disconnection or whenever you're experiencing the issue)
- Pathping (right after a disconnection or whenever you're experiencing the issue)
- Looking Glass report (right after a disconnection or whenever you're experiencing the issue)

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Once I get off work I will provide all the other information seeing as I have no problem connecting while I am at work but I can provide this info:

Details of issue:
Constant disconnecting while playing and receiving error codes 3005 and 3007.

Date/Time it started:
Not sure as to what time it first initially started but it had began around the 15th of this month where it was constantly doing it whenever I tried to play but before that it had done it a few times but after completely exiting out of the game and the client and going back in, it stopped.

Cleveland, OH, USA

Internet Provider:
Im actually having the same issue ,
my provider is also att , and according to what i have been able to find somewhere Knoxville ,tn is where the connection keeps getting messed with, my pingtest/tracert all stop working at that Ip address there , or just plain dont work, the looking glass shows that its all good coming from blizz till it hits that ip address as thinks someone at att dont like D3 (since its the only one it does this on, and only recently in like the last week or so has it started up).

I am running wireless, have for at least 4 years now, same network , and on more games that D3 ( pretty much all bnet games including OW ) with no issues, i haven't changed anything ,its funny though , i change my ip address and i can ping test just fine , but i keep my normal ip address and it dont do anything, jsut says request timed out.
So using the looking glass United States fails every time on both D3 and battle net authentication but always works for Korea and Europe. I am in the US any suggestions. I have tried all other suggestions.

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