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It seems I can't download the app. My attempts to download always result in failures. The error message in Chrome is "Failed - Network error", please see the following screenshot :

I tried using another browser but that did not help.

I tried on a different computer but that did not help either.

I appreciate any help you can provide,
Never mind, it works now.

Sorry for the spam.
Hello Zehef,

Happy to see it ended up working for you. :)

If you have any other issue with the download, please let us know.

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Same problem on Mac OS X since yesterday.
My problem,can t run Blizzard Setup.Error code BLZPTS0000J.I did uninsrtall the game,and can t install it no more,even from CD.Please help!
I am having this same issue with all downloads. Games, the app, everything. I have followed Chrome suggestions for fixing the issue, and have tried other browsers but have the same issue. Any known fix / bypasses?
Same problem received network error message. Steam downloads are working
Same problem here with windows.
Same problem here Mac OS X
Same problem here on Windows 10. Tried two different computers on two different networks, including trying Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.
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Managed to solve this !

Downloaded an old version of the client through the links at
(these are official blizzard links btw, from 2013, but they still work)

The installer updated itself and now I've got the latest version :)
Im having the same issue downloading battlenet application to my mac osx. I get the FAILED - NETWORK ERROR message. Please help me.
Battlenet/blizzard fix your download links please! happen everytime -> Failed - Network Error even the Battlenet app, games etc !! (win10) HELP!!!
Guys If you connect to university internet to download it, it fails. So here is the solution you may use either VPN or your phone's internet to download app.
Hello Zehef,

Happy to see it ended up working for you. :)

If you have any other issue with the download, please let us know.

I'm having the same problem. Windows 7, new install. Also tried on laptop (also win 7) to see if maybe it was the computer itself, and i can't download on it either.
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cant download it tooooooo
have the same problem since 2 days
assistance give me solutions but does'nt work
tried reinstall battle net but it stays impossible to download
please help!!!
same issue on mac. wtf is going on here?
tried everything recommended in several forums.
are they ignoring this issue?
Battle Net has its own Technical Support forum... separate from Diablo 3's Technical Forum. The main page is :

There's a specific forum for Mac Technical issue... perhaps you can find some info or troubleshooting suggestions there.

Good luck.

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