Blizzard - You just killed +25 HC Chars

Technical Support
I'm not affected but just in my clan 6 died instantly from Server lagg:

Also heard +5 died from rckstr and a few others...

SERIOUSLY? When are you gonna take responsibillity for this crap?
i also died this is stupid needs to be sorted!
It seems they wont give a !@#$ about this like they always do. Ty for killing me with your %^-*ty cancer servers. 100+ hours down the drain.
Thx fcking hoe blizzard for your !@#$ty ddos servers.. why create a hardcore mode when you can't even have working servers for it %^-*ing !@#$s I waste my time with this %^-* game, 90 hours down the drain hope you die!
Yeah, got me too.
DC middle of RG-fight with WW that only has 1/4 toughness when not moving. Meh - didnt they say that this new patch had some server-improvements?
Please Roll back one hour! lol R.I.P
jeah thx blizzard...u killed me to cuz ur lagparty...
Also died.
Lost dozens hours of progress.
GG Blizzard. Brilliant.
Perhaps rollback to fix your f#%$ up FOR ONCE?!
RIP Demon hunter Peke, 176 hours & 51 minutes used up :D
Same. Lost my crusader this way. RiP little fellow. You have earned Your Place amonge all the other Heroes that have died this way.
21/05/2016 23:43Posted by Gantie
Please Roll back one hour! lol R.I.P

I only just got my witching hour!. I'm not going back to farming that again!
HI i Just lost my HC +52 cours of server lag - what to do????? NOT FAIR Blizzard
Lost nothing save for maybe 1-2 paragon levels worth of bonus exp from pool. Still pissed off.
Lost my one and only HC character. Guess i'm done playing Diablo... unless there is a restore for characters that died during that disconnect. But i'm guessing there woun't be.
Same lost my HC Hero due to the lag, would be nice if they can restore what was lost.
u waste tons of hours for farming paragon lvls + ur gear for the build u want to play and then....

SUPERLAG not even able to quick close the game. char died. THX BLIZZARD
Same for me, my barb just died due to a big freeze.....
Just witnessed 2 of my mates die in game standing there helplessly for more then 15 seconds in a pool !
SERIOUSLY what company does this !@#$? Blizzard keep their servers up without telling their players there might be brief interuptions in-game or something like that?! talk about don't give a %^-* about their player-base, Even free games like league of legends warns about interuptions in-game and that is a 30 min per game only while my hardcore in diablo was 90+ hours WTF!!!!! Blizzard fix this !@#$ and give us back our time aka our Nephalems!!!

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