How to boost on console?

Hi Guys, I'm a big PC player but a few friends are now playing the console version. They asked me how to boost from 1-70.

On PC, you make a T6 game and clear rifts whilst the players being boosted stay at the entrance to the rift.

Apparently on console this doesn't work because the other plays get pulled toward the character doing the boosting.

So what is the quickest way to boost a HC character to 70 on the console version?


Hi there,

Boosting works the same on consoles as far as I know. Characters get pulled together only on couch co-op when you use the same console, but if you are on separate consoles everyone can do whatever they want to aka stick around and wait for some one to kill mobs..

Have you actually tried to boost? Please do first if you are playing on different consoles it should be fine.
quickest way i found to boost on console is do the cursed chest on act 4 bounty have ur friend start the game on highest tier they can then u join them port to the cursed chest bounty they stay at zone in at act 4 bounty u run to chest do the bounty rinse and repeat if u would like me to show u my psn is jaydub762
Any 1 can help me out just started on console xbox 1 Gt Techzoo much apriciated
27/06/2017 22:07Posted by Wouter
Any 1 can help me out just started on console xbox 1 Gt Techzoo much apriciated

Add me
Hy guys,

Just started playing on console can anyone help me out ? my nick is Bestgodelders
You don’t need anyone to boost you. What you do need is a cubed Leoric’s Crowngiving you +100 XP gain, the XP armor set that you can craft at the Blacksmith and possible a Lvl70 Legendary main-weapon that you augmented as a Lvl1-equip by the use of a Lvl25 Gem of Ease. Then, open a Nephalem Rift and slay monsters until an hour later when you have reached the desired level.

Simple but effective.

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