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Firebird's Finery has been the focus of a lot of community discussion since the launch of Patch 2.4.1. As the patch and current Season settle in, we want to take a moment to share development insight on what's coming for this powerful class set in the future.

Firebird’s Finery has come a long way since its original implementation. We’re really happy with its theme. It’s the Fire set for Wizards and puts you in a place where you can burninate all the things. That’s awesome, we like that, and we want to preserve that feeling. On the other hand, we’re not happy with the bugs we’ve encountered and it’s become clear we need to take a new approach. We’re working on a fix that will be introduced in a future patch.

So, what does that mean for Season 6? There are a lot of players who have pushed hard and reached high ranks with these unintended bugs. However, we don’t want to punish players for working within the parameters given to them. To that end, the current functionality will remain intact for the duration of Season 6. Once these bugs have been resolved, you can expect that the power level of Firebird’s will be much more in line with other sets.
Well i guess we as a community will just have to count any GR done with this setup as fake, and thus the worlds first gr100 HC will not be broken til season 7.
I tried this bug out.
It's pretty easy to do. After a short time, it's no different than playing the game normally; you can just go a little bit further.

I was in the garden this morning and it was a nice enough day to just sit there and think about other things for a change.
World first GR100 HC Solo taken by an exploit.

I literally want to vomit.

Now I'm going to have to lower myself to this scumbag method of playing in order to have any chance of keeping up.
No one cares about HC.
You say his behavior was within given parameters.
I admire the guy that actually discovered it, its amazing to see that he was thinking out of the box, within given parameters. That guy should not be punished, hes a genius, he should have a job offering from Blizz.
This time you need to punish your self d3 game designers! I guess you already realized that this will cause yet another quit wave, and you can only pray that those responsible will have a job at Blizzard after this.
Leader-boards should be sacred in order to have the competition going. This is wrong.
This was also well within parameters:

I fail to see the difference besides having staff being able to handle this

You are saying season 6 is dead, have fun cheating or come back season 7
You want to punish people because of a bug in the game? And think people should be sacked? What kind of a f&*^king idiot are you?
29/05/2016 10:02Posted by Damocles
You want to punish people because of a bug in the game? And think people should be sacked? What kind of a f&*^king idiot are you?

I imagine you missed the "don't" part
introduce us some more sets bliz
"We will not fix this bug as it works perfectly fine for Wizards"
Despicable. Really ruined the rest of the season for the ones who's been hunting for ancients and augmenting gear with the goal of placing high on the leaderboards. Slap in the face. A wipe & fix would be the least you could do, this approach is just vile.

Sure, this version has a lower ceiling than proper builds but in order to beat it fair and square you need infinite more time dedicated to the cause. Wizard leaderboards are now nothing. Creds to the few out there with legit 100 plus clears.
Even so, its kind of reassuring to know that Blizz accept that their bugs are unfair and that they don't think the game important enough to bother with (by their own admission).
Well - there are bugs, then there are bug that will stick out like a sore thumb to anyone who spends even a few minutes playing a setup.

Having just started a wiz and going though that stage of terrible gear and partial sets, I get to 2 vyr and 5 fb (as thats what has dropped by now) and add rrog and suddenly Im insta-gibbing elites while trash takes me ages to kill (unless an elite is burning). I dont even have the archon belt or helm yet.

If that isnt a blatent sign that something is badly broken, I dont know what is.

I guess its just another sign that none at blizzard actually play tests these changes, or I guess pays any attention to PTR feedback as its pretty hard to miss that something is messed up. It doesnt really even need archon to be involved for it to feel broken by the time you add a furnace into the mix.

And thats without even bothering to try to 'exploit' any extra quirks.
How do you use this build? You use the firebird set and then you get the extra stacks? Or do you have to have some other items besides the firebird set to make the most of it?
May as well end season 6 now.
29/05/2016 00:13Posted by mkdr
No one cares about HC.
I can't stop laughing/crying
31/05/2016 08:41Posted by DarkSol
I can't stop laughing/crying

Instead of fixing the bug they will sacrifice season.
Might as well end the season now.
This bug made the game fun for the time I tried it out.

No grouping required.

But that's what it's all about isn't it, Blizzard.

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