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27/05/2016 16:05Posted by Virnethael
There are a lot of players who have pushed hard and reached high ranks with these unintended bugs. However, we don’t want to punish players for working within the parameters given to them. To that end, the current functionality will remain intact for the duration of Season 6.

How is this any different from Hellfire bug or Blood shard bug, only difference is that you punished people using Hellfire and Blood shard bug but encourage people using this bug.

This does not make sense. It's complete 180.
As someone said how is this different from the last "bugs" or "exploits" like the bloodshard. Nothing says double standards or mixed messages as something like this.
so Blizzard officially approved bug exploits? that is gross.
30/05/2016 22:47Posted by Arokhantos
May as well end season 6 now.

yeah cos solo leaderboad is all that matters right?
noob blizard
S6 is ended for wiz. Wtf is that !@#$. I dont want to play buggy %^-*.
Please can anybody tell me what's the bug is about? I never heard of it
02/06/2016 21:47Posted by Bauble
Please can anybody tell me what's the bug is about? I never heard of it

You can try it, but be a good guy and don't exploit it. I've gained 1 Paragon for the time I've used it.

Ignite the first of a Blue Elite mob and stay within 15 yards of it and wait a few seconds; if nothing happens, ignite the second one and wait a few seconds, within the 15 yard proximity. Use a low damage weapon to do this (it will take forever to "burn until it dies").

Teleport away the moment the Firebird's 2000% Elite damage bonus appears and while you have a GR already open and ready (you can find a Blue Elite mob in the very first Act I zone).

Firebird's 6 set buff of 2000% increased damage will kick in.

The damage is enough to make things literally disappear in seconds, in a puff of smoke even on Torment 10 just by waving your Disintegrate fire beam at it briefly.
It's a lot of fun I can tell you.
Be honest Blizz,
is every bug not Uintended
is not nearly everyone pushing hard to reach high tier
is it perhaps the quantity of players that use these bugs, so if you ban them i and my wife will be the only players on your servers?
Well i will be honest this is how i see it and no i do not judge those who do it, if they have fun with it yes this is your best option to leave it so, but just say ok sorry too manny ppl (future clients) have to be banned and we do not want to loose so manny future clients. Then i would say; respect. (sorry for my English, not me native language)
Bumping this as we have an update on this topic:

We've been preparing the changes for Firebird's Finery, and ultimately, we've settled on slightly redesigning the 4-piece and 6-piece bonuses. Here's how they currently read internally (though, as always, these details are subject to change):

  • (4) Set Bonus
    • Dealing Fire damage with one of your skills causes the enemy to take 1000% weapon damage as Fire for 3 seconds. This effect can be repeated a second and third time by different skills. If an enemy is burning due to three different skills simultaneously the enemy will Ignite, dealing 3000% weapon damage per second until they die
  • (6) Set Bonus
    • Your damage is increased by 100% for each nearby enemy that is Ignited up to a maximum bonus of 2000%. You always receive the maximum bonus whenever a nearby Elite monster is Ignited

As you can see, we've definitely gone the way of trying to preserve its play style while approaching it from a slightly different angle. You are still encouraged to light multiple targets on fire, and the more you light up, the more powerful you grow.

It should be noted this will impact some existing builds, like the Firebird's/Chantodo's interaction. We are definitely going to want plenty of player testing and experimentation with the revised set, so expect to see a dedicated Focused Feedback thread when we head to PTR.

We're really looking forward to see your thoughts and testing!
13/06/2016 14:14Posted by Vaneras
We're really looking forward to see your thoughts and testing!

Would gladly test if you get the PTR up :)

Will we see PTR this or next week?
It will definitely affect my TR6 FB4 build since I only have one fire skill in it...

What happens if you have less than 1 attack-per-second, will it be impossible to ignite or will the 2nd skill reset the timer on the first?
Next thing you know people who abused the bug will also recieve 5k paragon as a reward for pointing out the bug to the d3 team. Give me a break, you ruined the season for many people, me beeing one among those. I was having a blast with season 6 and hey i even happened to play a wizard, but the bug ruined it all and was the end of the line.
Instead of hotfixing it or disable the set until it's fixed, you let people abuse it to the extend that they gained thousands of paragon and filled the leaderboards.
I have great respect for Blizzard as a company but the d3 team appears to be the black sheep in the family. I won't even start with the double standards here because this post will go on and on and on with older actions taken against bug abusers and the current actions taken, or rather, not taken.
Firebird's 6 set buff of 2000% increased damage will kick in.
The damage is enough to make things literally disappear in seconds,

**edit Oh, I understood. Buff persists through entering GR. Wow, what a bug.
this thread is already some days old,

we are at Page 2 now.

This is the official Forum - just how many guys are playing Diablo atm?

But hey, i know why - Demonhunter main here, you wont get invited until you play a Supp DH.

And we are talking about Grift 90-95 here.

Ive never seen a game with less balance than this game ^^

Its hilarious how you can !@#$ up a game so much.

If you want to farm paragon = play another class, or you are %^-*ed.

Go to hell with this Game.

Im just using my prophet future skils.

Gift the guys who bought overwatch some Wings, then me may got new players.
Oh, you already did.

Guess that didnt worked.

The Forums are dead.
28/05/2016 20:08Posted by Berronax
World first GR100 HC Solo taken by an exploit.

I literally want to vomit.

Now I'm going to have to lower myself to this scumbag method of playing in order to have any chance of keeping up.

Oh No the throne that was supposed to be yours, your gateway to better life, a new girlfriend a job that requires u to play video games... has been TAKEN from you!
Blizzard! Someone reached a spot that doesnt influence my fun with the game at all.
If you are playing diablo3 for anything than scoreboards... then you are the player that is forcing the 1 meta / speed builds and ruining pub D3 experience.
Whoever thinks that ladders = awesome(while providing 0 rewards unique to ladders) is pathetic.
To quote an amazing game :

“Compete against others to improve your Stanley Parable career!”

–The Stanley Parable Leaderboard
exploit or not. it was still fun to play.

sorry for ruining the fun for others. lol.

in new PTR firebirds set practically never proc those bonuses. and if they do, they instantly vaporise the elite and kills the buff along with it.

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