Code 3007,3005 and server kicking me out the game.....

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Its been 3 weeks since i have this problem,every 10 15 minutes in solo and multiplayer games the server kicks me out with code 3007,3005 and sometimes it returns in the menu.
I have been tryied every possible troubleshooting method:the drivers are up to date,i changed the dns from isp to google,ruflushed pc dns,powercycled the router many times.
Usually in game i have no lag we talk about ~30ms and in other games (even asian games like kancolle in japan) i have no issues....
The software configuration is the same as 2 months ago since i have installed glasswire a firewall for better internet performance.
1 week ago i have uninstalled it and the game continues to kick me out....
I have a linksys router with firmware up to date,a realteck PCIe GBE family controller with drivers up to date,windows 8.1 and wired connection.
Hello Squeeez,

Please try these steps here.

Kind regards

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Thanks for the support,but sadlydidn't worked at least for me,i checked the hosts file,i have changed the dns settings in my router to my isp dns to google dns,i have reflushed the dns via command line but nothing.Everything i have done in the guide didn't worked for me,now i try to reinstall diablo 3 and hope this time the game will work as expected.
Thank you for the help.
Hello again,

I am sorry to hear that. You could also try a simple scan and repair.

Kind regards

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