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I try to log in, then I get an error message, after the authenticator code.

Please help
HEllo megoldódott a probléma mert ismerősömnekis ez a probléma áll fent ???
Hello TombolóTomi,

This indicates that some of the information entered isn't correct. Have you double checked that the email address entered is correct? You could try and reset your pass word and/or resync your authenticator.

Kind regards

What's your opinion?
I've got this error PERMANENTLY, whenever i try to login (i have the email recorded, but password not).
This just happen after the last update, and it is due to the login email on the login screen is all the times changed by the login app!!!!!!
So, it's a blizzard bug!

For instance, i have a registered email with special chars on it, "+" to be more precise, and now, everytime i login, the login screen changes the "+" to "%2d", ALL THE TIMES!!!!!

So i request blizzard to change back to the former login screen, in wich special chars were allowed, usable and not changed byt the login app!!!!!


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