Dsintegrate build viable? Or any easy buttonmash builds

Hi there,

I haven't played wizard for a long time, mostly Barbarian, Demonhunters and Monks with great success and fun. These builds are fun to play, with their own (imo) fun challenges.

So after a long time I decided to play the wizard class in season 7 (haven't played them since vanilla). So I was checking out the setbonuses for Tal Rasha and looking at the viable builds, I thought, wow this looks hard and not fun. Seems like a lot of managing buttons instead of buttonmashing to kill creeps with the occasional resourcemanagement (unlike for example Leaping Barb where it's quite easy and fun to keep track of your resources and throw boulders to regain fury).

So here is my question, and it doesn't need to be a toptier build (maybe GR 60 or something is fine enough for me):

Are there any succesful builds out there which make Wizard fit the "hacknslash" playstyle? Like a a disintegrate build (really like those) or any other builds where you don't need to stress over button timing, I just want to sit, relax and enjoy seeing monsters exploding on my screen.

I hope to hear some suggestions because I haven't found any fun mediocre builds yet on sites like diablofans.

Thanks in advance,

mine :P
Not sure I would agree that Firebird builds are "hack n slash" as you need to kite the elites in order to keep up the fire dot.

I would suggest you go for something like me - http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Iceblue-2842/hero/81385803

I played DMO/Twister wiz last season (also coming back from Vanilla) and now playing around with Tal'Rasha meteor build. The damage is pretty sick and I don't even have all the gear that I need. I can solo GR60 and probably higher but haven't tried yet. I prefer to speed farm at 40-50.

This build lacks Teleport mostly because I don't have the right 1h wand yet (aether walker). That's the only weakness so far.
Firebird build with :
-Aquiline cubed
-The reduction cost on chaneling belt
-Deathwish (channeling damage sword)
-The orb that autocast spenders when channeling

You can mess around with that, it works pretty well.
The idea is to have the Fire disintegrate + magic weapon ignite + any other fire spell (blizzard, tornado, meteor shower) to get your firebird 6p going.
Damage reduction with Aquiline + the reduction cost chaneling belt. You will gain a lot of toughness with a Halo + Ancient parthan defenders (ring + bracers).

You can get some damage with one Convention of elements ring, Travelers pledge, furnace in cube etc.

You can do 60 really easy with this.
Use my build it's fun and takes hardly any concentration just stack AS make sure you're spamming ur bubbles :)
fb archon build is almost retarded easy for solo. tp to elite, pop archon, kill, repeat.

channeling builds are fun but way less effective. ok for farming tho.

(i switch my gems/rings around so if something is missing, i dont think its hard to conclude what.)
I love disintegrate, it's like a funky little laser beam :D
check out mine? I'm pretty happy with it, started with a "starter wizard build" and I improved it overtime with Firebird.


let me know what you think!
One of the easy-to-gear-for cookiecutter builds I've liked the most over the last patches is Mouzetec's speed rift Spectral blades build:


However, with the changes to MH this patch I'd opt for this Chain lightning one instead, as it seems to be capable of higher clears:


If you want to go higher yet, you could try this TR-MH channeled build which does NOT utilize Archon, and is still capable of 90+. My personal best at P~810 or so was 87 with non-optimal gear and 80ish gems:


This last build is suitable for GR50+ or TXIII rifts. The lack of constant teleport (no AW due to you wanting AQ buff up) limits its usefulness for lower level speed runs, for those I recommend the middle build with chain lightning and AW. Both are extremely fun and are easy to use, and as play them and get better with them, these specs can take you pretty far. With much less fishing and fuzz than archon builds - although archon builds do have a higher max ceiling.
I gotta say that Tal'Rasha Meteor build with Disintegrate is by far the the funniest build I've ever player on D3.

It lacks the survivability of DMO Twister gameplay but outshines it in damage and areal control. Have a look at my build here - https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Iceblue-2842/hero/81385803

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