WD Pets not proccing Oculus Ring on follower

Witch Doctor
This has been reported before but I have not seen any 'activity' on this matter.

Does anyone know if is going to be patched this season?

Or is it intended and is another thing that pets are not supposed to do?

EDIT: Removed useless paragraph.

Long time no see :)

I reckon this is working properly again and was most likely left out the patch notes. I notice decent enough proc rates on the Oculus ring when equipped on follower. Not 100 % sure about mob deaths as a result of area damage though. That seems a bit flaky to me... I still often do not get In-Geom buffs or Bane of the Powerful buffs, and less annoyingly the "20 seconds to kill the thing" mini chest quests; and it sort of feels like area damage deaths might be the culprit.


Hard to say.

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