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Hello guys,

I have problem with starting diablo III on my laptop. On my PC its working ok, but now I wanted to install the game on my laptop (I have original DVD game, don´t know if its problem that I have it installed on my PC and now I´m installing it on laptop?), but when I launch it, the screen goes black. I can hear the sound of diablo III login screen, but my screen is black. I tried completely uinstall game with deleting every folder in laptop, i tried rebooting my laptop, i tried repair tools on battlenet app. My graphic card is working OK with other games, my graphic adapter is updated, game is still not working. I tried everything what I have read about starting issues. Nothing works.

Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong?

Thank you very much.
Hello KralSumavy,

Installing Diablo 3 on a Laptop while it is installed already on a PC is no problem. Please have a look here. These steps might help you to solve your issue.

Kind regards

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