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Dear Support.

I just have registered a copy of the Wow Legion Collectors Edition. But i ain't got the wings in diablo iii. Usually those rewards are instant. I got the mount in HOTS. But no Archivement (usually there is a feats of Strength archivemt) and no wings in diablo, and also nothing in Heathstone.

Any suggestions ?

Thanks for your answere.
Hello Noctrune,

Have you checked your Collection? I just double-checked and my Wings of the Betrayer are there and your account shows them as well.

Kind regards

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Hi !

Seems to be wierd but i just restarted the game to be sure but no wings of the betrayer inside in my collection ingame. Only 5 wings there : Mery, Falcon, Eternal, Valor and Cosmic and also nothing in feats of strengh (i dont know if there should be anything, but usually there is) Where can i check my account (where does it showes that i got the wings ?
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So Problem solved itself. I was logged in only in the main menu, But not logged ingame with a char. When i logged inside a game i got the rewards. : D

Thanks anyway. : D

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