Achievement glitch

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Not sure if this is the best place to report bugs, but I managed to get the achievement "Up all night to get lucky" in a way that was probably unintended. I had all legendary/unique level 70+ armor/jewelry and a legendary level 70 2 handed weapon equipped (which doesn't get me the achievement, fair enough I need two items one left and one right hand). I also had a level 70 unique mojo and a level 60 unique ceremonial dagger.

I equipped the mojo and dagger, then saw that I was still getting more damage with the two handed weapon, so equipped that, then I got the achievement (I presume it equipped the left hand with a weapon, checked that all slots were 70/legendary+ and then removed the mojo, wheras it probably shouldn't have given me the achievement.
If you think you have come across a bug you can post it in the Bug Report Forum and it will be looked into.

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