Falcon wings still available? (patch 2.4.3)

Wow got it on my first round of farming... feelsgoodman
The only sound advice I can offer anyone is to just keep farming however you like. I've tried all the tricks everyone else has, from farming on the highest difficulty I could safely manage (T7), to changing the difficulty (going up and/or even down a Torment) after every run, but to no avail.

I spent 5 hours of farming every night after work for 3 nights. On the 4th night, I came home drunk from the bar and did some farming while a friend tried farming his game to help by doubling our chances. 1 and a half hours later, on T5, I found the elusive "Mysterious Chest" in my game.

If any of you are still farming your wings after 10 hours, I would strongly recommend asking friends to help by farming their games too, or look for communities for helping players get wings.

At the very least, I feel a tad bit proud of my falcon wings, despite knowing they're probably the most common and easily accessible wings in the game. Because I worked hard for my wings and feel like I truly earned them after farming for 16 and a half hours, not to mention the Mysterious Chest finally spawned in my game, and not in the game of my friend who was helping me.
i don't know why, but the wings don't appear even in high torments, i've farmed alot since the past year and i haven't found them yet.
what should i do???
Today (2k18, version: after 3 runs in T13 and 1 run in T10 i found the mysterious chest!
10/07/2017 13:32Posted by Zaltyre
08/07/2017 14:49Posted by PorkButcher
I Find the chest but no wings in it...
If the chest was titled "Mysterious Chest" it will have the wings in it 100%. Are you sure it wasn't just "Chest"?

BTW, I found the wings yesterday on T4.

Actually yea, same happened to me. It was for sure mysterious chest and it only dropped a Legendary item, not the wings. Weirdly enough, it was on Tier 2 of GoH. That's why i figured it didnt drop.
Yes, Gardens of Hope level 2 has a Mysterious chest, but the wings only drop on level 1. Level 2 has a 2-handed axe, I think.

Some other maps also have a Mysterious Chest, but the item it contain is not the same.
Btw - where do cosmic wings drop? In whimsydale ?
Had the luckiest find today. A friend of mine tried to show me where he found them and I found them on the first try lol. He spent weeks farming for his own Falcon Wings
27/04/2018 23:40Posted by Fury
Btw - where do cosmic wings drop? In whimsydale ?

Off a super rare spawn in whimsydale iirc
From what i've heard that Princess lilian has a very low spawn chance of 1% but others say its between 1 to 5%. i have been to Whimsydale almost 30 times but not seen her yet but not giving up on those majestic cosmic wings
Sorry I know old post but had I just had to, I found my Falcon Wings in a normal chest doing bounty´s playing the latest s17

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