Diablo 3 random crashes/ failed to connect (1016)

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Updating Nvidia drivers seems to have fixed that for me, try it out.
For god sake Blizz , error 1016 in the middle of the battles , fix it fix it fix it. Very frustrating. Miljons we spend all together to get the necro expansion , but that error 1016 makes it to play without fun. Again : fix it please !!
27/03/2017 12:35Posted by Blizzard
Hello everyone,

We are sorry to hear that you've been having these kind of errors in-game.

Please create your https://eu.battle.net/support/en/article/12988" class="bml-link-url2">system files</a> and contact our [url="https://eu.battle.net/support/en/help/product/diablo3/273/277/channels"]in-game tech support[/url] with this issue.

Take care.

Help me get to Exalted with the Blizzard faction
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Erm sorry, but there are virtually a thousand or more reports of disconnections, lags and poor latencies all over this forum and all you want are logs from the users? Please analyze your server logs first before blaming the users computers for the issues. Your servers cannot cope with the load anymore if they are as old as the game is.

I don't think that your "Sorry" is sincere, but just a hollow pre-fabricated sentence you should use. An acceptance of the issue on your side would be better than just a hollow "We are sorry" as it does not fix the issues on your servers.

I know, that this post will probably deleted or I be banned for some time, but this I have to say. I will save a copy as well on my computer.
I see people telling of the problem but see no reply from Blizzard as to how to fix the problem.
How do we get past this darn code 1016
Same story .. so sad
I am so frustrated with the disconnects on the PC version. I am constantly disconnected with the nebulous Error code 1016 (yeah, I know it's generic for everything that goes wrong). Always happens when I am about 90% completed with any rift, fighting a rift boss or on the fifth bounty of any Act. It's like someone has their finger on a switch is having a fun time at my expense. I have done everything that has been suggested, including insuring background functions are shut down, routers, modems, PC restarted, opened all suggested ports, most current drivers (yes for everything), latest updates to Windows 10, no proxy servers. All I keep seeing from Blizzard, is try this or that, or send us data. I have been having this issue for a while now, and with all the data Blizzard has received from other posts, they still don't have a clue. Please just fix this ! My son just moved to the XBOX One console version, and is having zero issues.

Wow - Less than an hour later, I'm blown out again...Error code 1016

Wait for it ! Yup, less than 1/2 hour later 8:44PM Arizona Time 08/01/2017. Blown out while chatting with Kadala. Son-of-a-gun ! Error Code 1016.

8:54PM And the fun continues. I went to the link suggested in MisterT1968 Blizzard Support post from 27/03/2017 12:35 above, and received a Page Not Found message.
Just throwing my two cents in since I too have had issue with this dang 1016 >: l

Anyways I'm playing on my 2017 HP Omen i7 1050ti and without fail every !@#$%^- time I try to get more than say 5-10 minutes or so of game time I get the crash. Now yes I have flushed the DNS (multiple MULTIPLE times), gone through power cycling, updating drivers, even lowering settings to low (-____-) just to say I have tried it...but funny thing....when I play on my Desktop i7 1060 GTX.....no problems whatsoever and I'm going from 12 am -5am running rifts (^_^).....so just a curious thought is anyone else having this issue on a laptop? or is it some kind of connection issue with laptop cards ? ..I know it sounds pedestrian but I'm just pulling at straws here.....I really want to enjoy Diablo at work lol
started d3, and a normal rift. lag after few moments. quit the game.

started rocket league, played two matches without single lag spike.
Crashes and disconnects for me2. Can get maybe 10-15 min of game regardless if Diablo, WoW, Hearthstone. Started happening after the server update
I got frequently crashes about 10~15 per day (1016 error), its a lot frustating for everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on, help us Blizzard.
i can not on on reaper of souls
yep same problem disconnecting a lot
Error 1016 is a generic code to indicate that you've been disconnected (which you knew already). It doesn't say why and, indeed, there are many people who are getting (or have gotten) error 1016 and there doesn't seem to be a single cause for this error.

There is no point in posting here, especially in this thread which is already too long and should have been locked a long time ago, especially if you're not going to provide any connection data and computer system information... The Blizzard support agents are probably ignoring such posts since there is nothing they can do about it.

If you are serious about getting this fixed, then you should contact Blizzard tech support here: https://eu.battle.net/support/en/help/product/diablo3/273/277/channels
and submit a web ticket.

The first 6 posts of this thread may also provide some useful background on this issue, as welll as this post by Blizzard:

Good luck.
Some days I get no errors, and some days I can't even play, 1016 sucks! never start hardcore hero that's for sure.
The graphic has a tendency to "Crash" when starting on a new game, then it partly recover over time, if at all.
Is it due to the new patch and/or in combination with new Nivida Graphics driver ?
When I was playing with normal Telecom ADSL 20/1 Mbps I NEVER HAD this problem, since when I'm passed to Fiber 100/20 Mbps this issue appears every 15-30 minutes.

I tried to follow instructions found on internet (run as admin, run in compatibility 32bit) unsuccessfully.

I also launched a "ping -t" to Diablo 3 servers and NO packets lost... Really embarrassing
I also have this problem - error 1016. It's started now after I had back to the game few days ago. I have the same computer , the same ISP, the same system... everything should work normaly... cause other games that i play commonly also works normaly - without any problems. Only Diablo3 after this updates has a problem... Give me back my money for buying Necromancer Pack - cause i cant play with error 1016 disconnecting me in every 15 minutes.
CAN'T CONNECT!! Blizzard please fix this error 1016 but, I wanna play, but every time I tried to connect client drops me out with this error code. I tried every solutions from the forums, but can't solve this promblem. What can I do? And YOU??
Hi guys

Please be aware of the original date of a thread. Best to make your own if it's a new issue.
Try the Diablo 3 Connection and Latency troubleshooting, and if that doen't work, let us know in your own thread.

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