My ideas for diablo 4 :D

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What I think the Diablo 4 will need
to become the best diablo!

Diablo is a hack and slay grinding game and that's exactly what we Want, but Diablo3 showed us what the players like and what not, many want features from Diablo 2 back, including me.
So I took my time, talked to many other players and friends and now I want to use my ideas and experiences to make Diablo 4 to the diablo which 90% of the players will satisfy.
Important is that nothing is changed at the gameplay and the charm of diablo, but new and old traditions and mechanics are taken over, to the old I can only say look back at Diablo 2. and the new I present here now.
I can explain all my suggestions in detail and also explain how these would look and would harmonize with the gameplay of diablo

1) Much classes about 15 would be nice (We do have enough Possible Templates)
2) Class systems/Party gameplay(Example WoW)
3) Charakter Customization(Example WoW)
4) Gold and Craft Material Based Market for items(Example WoW)
5) Same Skill system Like D2 or Grim Dawn (respecable any time)
6) Good Balance between Sets and (Non set Builds)
7) Less Difficulty levels with higher difficulty between
8) Better Companion system (equip able/Also for pets)
9) 2 Different Fractions
10) Big Open worlds with also Biger Dungeons and some (Raid dungeons)
11) Bosses Are more Difficulty (Not Only Hp/Dmg Value)
12) Spells should be learned from a class trainer and own categories do not only have Elements
13) Moving Storylines depending on the current status of the Opposing Fraction
14) Professions (Example Enchantment,Smith,Herbalism,Ect)
15) Mounts, now the time has come to intimate the equable beasts in diablo, of course, if Diablo 4 has no bigger open worlds, these are not as useful, but if the developers decide to get closer on diablo 2 would be an exelentes feature BOE Drops, Bossloot,Achievements, and so on

The colors show which suggestions must be connected to each other
#Green: Reqs That the Players needs to interact and trade with eachother.
#Blue: Reqs 2 Different Fractions of Player Base.
#Black: Any suggestions that could not contain any colors could be intrigued without any problems in diablo
Ofc u cant see any Colors here, i cant upload Open office Documents here.
If you want wow just play wow, don't make wow from "diablo 4" lol.

do i see World of Diablo ?

well wow Legion took almost every mechanic from d3 soo its basicly d3 mmo :P
Sanctuary, a Diablo MMO is something that have been speculated for some time now. Others would like to see a remastered version of Diablo II and even first Diablo.

It is very rare that someone would ask for a game with an open world that still feels like an arpg and less like an MMO.

I wonder... Perhaps there might be something in between Diablo III and Diablo IV, perhaps there are more things going on, elsewhere in the Sanctuary...

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