Error code 1016.....ever since new patch

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Hi guys,

ever since that new patch I have been getting this error very frequently.

I know the code 1016 is a replacement for the generic "game connection has been lost" message, but I hardly ever had the problem before this patch.

I have tried all the options that can be found under the "crashes, connection and stuff" suggestion page, but nothing helps.

I have kept an eye on my network connectivity during gameplay, nothing else is amiss when I get disconnected from game.
and, I know this is random, but annoyingly enough, it most frequently seems to happen just after killing a rift boss and I wanna grab the loot and upgrade my gems.

this is not only annoying, but discouraging and I find myself playing less often cause of it, cause why bother? I'll get DC'ed before I can grab my rewards anyways
i'm getting this error and i have to close my battlenet app to get back into game
Getting 1016 starting today. 3 times in a dozen minutes. Two grifts back-to-back. Any clues folks?
4 times today... Do we hear 5?
yeap friend of mine ,5 times today just now
Same thing here.. but they keep telling us its our connection or whatever.
ive always had the code/disconnect since starting playing - but it always runs eventually - after 4-5 starts - but since upgrade i cant get it running at all - soon as i hit new tristram, i get disconnected
Same thing here, I've run through all the troubleshooting guides and no improvement.
In theory it is because of Your/our Internet connection/provider ;)

In practice as well, cause when I was at my familly's house I haven't got any trouble with connection, but when I came home it started again (even though my parents have much worse internet speed and ping than I do at my house:) )

But I hate that Blizzard is putting this error on us, instead of going about it themselves and fixing the god damn thing. I have it on my computer since like 2.5. I even started to connect my computer through cable to modem but it fixed it only for a while :(
having same problem, get dissconnected the first 2-5 times i hit "start game".. aftrer the 5th times seems to work no problem, but always takes about 20 mins of loging in and reloading before i can play ;\\\\\\
I get disconnected so often and get code 1016, that I simply have to stop playing. Never had any issues in other games, played wow and poe for many years. Never had this issue in Diablo either before but since necro patch the game is un-playable for me. Hope this will be fixed.
This startede happening for me yesterday with first the 3950000 error code and today this one.. I have never had problems with Diablo before yesterday so it is strange..
16/07/2017 10:38Posted by LionLady
This startede happening for me yesterday with first the 3950000 error code and today this one.. I have never had problems with Diablo before yesterday so it is strange..
Same here i guess they will fix it soon.
It started to happen to me too, diconnects in GR usually. What is infuriating about, it si that it do not occure after 5-10 seconds, but just when you finished or about to. I lose the Stone, and the time. It seems to me that Blizzard has greatly underestimated the number of Necromncers who make Witch Doctors look poor pet-wise - and their need for server time, graphic and ballistic as well. Maybe they have to review the Necro or get better servers for D3 ?!?
I have the same problem, latency is now above 1200 mSec, and it started after 15 August 2017. My other ping times to other services are "normal".
Started to happen to me too today . Cant play even 1 rift
Happening to me now... Cant seem to find a fix
find a fix Error code 1016
Hey Kenazy,

Please follow the steps here, (including the Advanced Troubleshooting) to try and prevent this from happening again.
Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I'm doing!
I have just died to error 1016 - end of season for me.
I have the same issue - since the patch I am constatntly dropped from games with 1016 error. This is getting pretty annoying

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