30000 and 317002: joining/creating game error.

Technical Support
10/11/2017 01:00Posted by Megachill
Same, someone tweet them about it, the US guys are still awake..

done on the @Diablo account answering the post about the new season being live.
This is so BS.

1. It seems like only the HC server are down
I cannot create any game on season HC, but i can on season SC...
Almost all the communities and clan functions are down to, almost everyone in my HC clan is affected.

2. Some ppl are not affected, esspecially those alrdy in a game,
so basically some dudes just can play all night and day while the majority is !@#$ed.
The few people gonna be way ahead and have an unfair advantage,

3. i took !@#$ing vacation time for this season and now i cant play,
diablo 3 launch all over again.
First you hype this season on social media and stuff, and then u can even provide the basic service of playing the game HAHA.

4. fu blizzard.
Frequent dc, 1106 error, now 317002... sadtimes
Can't log in at all right now. They might be restarting the servers.
Softcore problems too, I cant even find my hero now apparently, got about 10 minutes gameplay out of this season so far.
rip HC
error code: 395002
Disconnect on Softcore then cant login pls fix
10/11/2017 00:41Posted by MaLaD
Have anyone tried to remove the Battle.net cache folder yet?

I have try remove the Battle.net cache folder, but first i could not login, then it sort it out to enter, but same problems. Can only go in season char!
395002 here as well..
oh well there goes the start of the season just DC and cant reconnect.
Have any one got the error 395002? Or just me...
Ok this is getting kinda sad. Been bugged for almost an hour now, severals posts on the web, and forums, and still not a single blue post from blizzard :(
no, me as well:(
+1... I hope something is done soon
Can't create game (hardcore) - Error code 317002
Would be nice to get some reply by a blue nick.
@BlizzardCS answered me on twitter and they're looking into this.

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