Legendary Gem disapering

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Today (2017-11-14 at 14:40) I pulled my 3 legendary gems out of my gear (Trapped, Powerfull and Zei) on my monk in Act3 at the jeweler. Then I got invited to a party, accepted the invite and when i was in the new game, my trapped lvl100 gem was gone. I saw them all 3 in my inventory just before I accepted the invite.

I play Season EU, 64 bit client and none of my legendary gems have been in my gear when saving my setups in the armory.
It also happened for me a couple of times last season, but I didn't notice when therefor no report.

Can you please give it back to me? Thank you
Hello Thorndal,

Unfortunately, there is nothing Customer Support can do when Gear/Gems/Weapons etc are lost. You should double check all of your inventory again, maybe even close the game and restart before that.

Kind regards

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