Crash after Season 12 update

Technical Support
After Season 12 update I see this error, when I try to launch Diablo 3.

The application encountered an unexpected error.

Down I see some error code ...

or second try

I have reinstalled windows 10 (Notebook Asus X555L) so I also have new drivers. Reinstalled installation of Diablo 3... and all this for what? It is so frustrating :-( I am so tired of this.
Try working through the troubleshooting steps here, in cluding those in the advanced section.

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na Survey!
I disabled some XBox or what by tutorial in setting, and Diablo 3 works fine again. #@!?$ Windows updates and their unwanted features...

Thank you so much :-)
Thanks for letting us know about this Nik!

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