Error 1016 just before GR boss....

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I keep getting random latency spikes and they before I get to the GR boss it just so happens to crash completely then give me the middle finger (aka error code 1016). I've just spent 100mil on season for 2 85 GR to get some gems up and both times it's kicked me off before I finished.
If you are disconnected with Error 1016, please follow our troubleshooting steps at Diablo III Lag Latency and Disconnection.

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I completed all the steps, and the problem still occurs every 10-15 minutes. It's driving me crazy. Never happened to me before 2.6.1. I even disabled IPv6 because I heard that could help. Every single online game is working fine except Diablo III. I heard that 2.6.1 is a huge patch and Diablo is really worth playing again, but this error 1016 is just making it unplayable.
Hi Maniekwariat

You may need to contact your ISP to have them switch you from IPv6 to IPv4 if you haven't already.
If you run Razer Chroma software, try disabling it, as this can sometimes help too, as can switching to 32-bit mode.

If none of these work, please can you provide Pathping and Traceroute information.

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